Conference Proceedings

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Advanced Planning Briefing to Industry
Equipping the Warfighter to Win
Baltimore, MD
13-14 April 2006

MCSC Organization

Marine Corp Warfighting Lab, Brigadier General Tex Alles, Commanding General, Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory, Vice Chief of Naval Research

Marine Corps Systems Command Program Manager for Training Systems (PM TRASYS), Colonel Walter H. Augustin, USMC, Program Manager

Ground Transportation, Engineering Systems Product Group 15 Overview, Mr. Lindo Bradley, Product Group Director

Light Armored Vehicles (LAV), Colonel John J. Bryant, USMC, Program Manager

Overview & Strategic Vision of MCSC, Mr. Randy Delarm, Global Combat Support System, Marine Corps (PM GCSS-MC)

Closing Remarks, Mr. Barry Dillon, Deputy Commander, Marine Corps Systems Command

MARCORSYSCOM Vendor Information Resource on the Internet, Ms. Susan Doss, Deputy CIO, Marine Corps Systems Command

The Navy and Marine Corps Team, Dr. Delores Etter Assistant Secretary of the Navy Research Development and Acquisition

Marine Corps Programs & ResourcesInvestment & Resourcing Information and Strategies; Past, Present & Future, Brigadier General Raymond C. Fox, Director,

Acquisition Needs and Trendsfor the Coming Decade, The Honorable Jacques S. Gansler

Robotics Systems Joint Project Office(, Colonel Terry Griffin, Project Manager

Budget of the Marine Corps Systems Command, William Harris Director of Finance, Congressional Liaison

Infantry Weapons SystemsProduct Group 13 Overview, Colonel Michael J. Mulligan, Product Group Director

Lightweight 155mm Howitzer Program(JPMO-LW155), Mr. Martin Kane, Program Manager

International Programs Directorate(IPD), Mr. Steven Manchester, Director

Marine Corps System Command Organization

MAGTF Expeditionary Family of Fighting Vehicles (PM MEFFV), Mr. Thomas Miller, Program Manager

Infantry Weapons Systems Product Group 13 Overview, Colonel Michael J. Mulligan, Product Group Director

Counter IED (CIED) Technology Directorate, Joseph B. Murgo, Director

Combat Equipment & Support SystemsProduct Group 16, Colonel Shawn Reinwald, Product Group Director

Communications, Intelligence and Networking SystemsProduct Group 12, Mr. James Riordan, Product Group Director

Information Systems & InfrastructureProduct Group 10 Overview, Ms. Elizabeth Sedlacek Product Group Director

Advanced Planning Briefing to Industry, George W. SolhanDeputy Chief of Naval Research, Expeditionary Maneuver Warfare andCombating Terrorism S&T Department (ONR 30)

MAGTF C2 Weapons and Sensors Development and Integration Product Group 11, Ms. Katrina Wahl, Product Group Director

Armor and Fire Support SystemsProduct Group 14 Overview, Mr. Robert Williams, Jr., Product Group Director


Navy Electronic Commerce Online (NECO), Ms. Beverly L. Hobbs, Lead Contracting Officer, Business Operations, Contracts

Commercial Enterprise Omnibus Support Services, Mr. Mark Hoyland, Director, MCSC ACSS