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43rd Annual NDIA Targets, UAV’s & Range Operations
Symposium & Exhibition

Monterey, CA

31 October - 2 November 2005
Table of Contents

  Brochure and Final Agenda

Tuesday, 1 October 2005

SESSION I - The NEW Sound of Freedom

Keynote Address: Aerial Targets & Unmanned Aviation, by Mr. Gregory P. Catrambone, Deputy Program Executive Officer, Strike Weapons and Unmanned Aviation

Targets, by Mr. Dennis Mischel, Director, Operation, Test and Evaluation/Targets OSD

Navy Range Office, by Captain John Schwering, Navy Ranges and Fleet Training, OPNAV N433

SESSION II - Technology Session

The BQM-74F - Tomorrow’s Target Today, by Mr. Bill Waldon, BQM-74F Program Manager, Northrop Grumman Unmanned Systems

The Frequency Agile System: System for Naval Target Control, by Mr. Michael Owens, Director of hardware Engineering, Microsystems, Inc.

BQM-167A Advanced UAV System Architecture , by Mr. Thomas E. Nelson, System Engineer – BQM-167A, Composite Engineering, inc.

MIRACH 100/5: Programs Update and Tactical Variants, by Mr. Carlo Siardi, Galileo Avionica, MIRACH 100-5

SESSION III - Air Threat Simulation, Electronic and Physical

Joint Project 66 Phase 1 Replacement Air Defence Targets, by Mr. David Riddel, Officer in Charge of Options Development, Australian DoD

Low Cost SSST Alternative, by Commander E.G. McLean, Directorate of Maritime Ship Systems, National Defence Headquarters, Canada

BroadSword, by Mr. Larry French, Griffon Aerospace

RF Threat Simulation, by Mr. Ben Rasnick, Hd, Airborne Threat Simulation Organization, Chair, Joint Service Battlespace Environment (JSBE)

YMQM-171A, by Mr. Tony Giannoni, Project Director, Army Targets Management Office

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Wednesday, 2 October 2005

SESSION IV - Surface Targets, Land and Sea

Low Cost Target Mover (LCTM), by Ms. Robbin Finley, Ground Targets Project Director, Targets Management Office

Surface Targets Presentation, by Mr. Bob Palmer, President, MDS, Canada

Seaborne Target Overview, by Mr. Jeffrey L. Blume, Head, Surface Targets Team, Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division

Mobile Ground Target Operations (Mobile GTO), by Margarette Martin, Project Director, Target Management Office

Hugh Harris Scholarship Fund/Award Update, by Mr. Cort Proctor, Microsystems, Inc.

SESSION V: Military Programs and Requirements

Overview Of Army TMO Activities, by Mr. Stephen G. Milburn, Targets Management Office Director

U.S. Navy Target Programs

Air Force Aerial Targets, by Lt Col Shaun House, Director, Aerial Targets Systems Squadron, Eglin AFB

CFAO Targets, by Mr. Douglas Park, Commander Fleet Activities, Okinawa

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