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10th Annual Expeditionary Conference

“Joint Expeditionary Forces...Winning Today and Tomorrow”

24-27 October 2005

Panama City, FL
Table of Contents

Conference Brochure and Final Agenda

Tuesday, 25 October 2005

General Session:

Expeditionary Warfare in the 21st Century & GWOT, by Major General Gordon C. Nash, USMC, OPNAV N75, Director, Expeditionary Warfare Division

Integrated Deepwater System (IDS), by RADM Patrick M. Stillman, USCG, PEO, Integrated Deepwater System Commandant (G-D)

Seabasing Logistics, Vice Admiral Justin D. McCarthy, SC, USN, OPNAV N4, Director of Material Readiness and Logistics

Session - Joint Battlespace Awareness and Command and Control:

Panel Presentations:

Wednesday, 26 October 2005

Session - Sustaining the Sea Base:

Using Logistics to Gain Competitive Advantage: Parallels between Industry & Expeditionary Warfare, by Mr. Andrew Jones, Vice President UPS Supply Chain Solutions

Panel Presentations:

NDIA Expeditionary Warfare Division Seabasing Sudy Brief, by Mr. Paul Bishop, The Bishop Group

Session Wrap-up::

Session - Force Multipliers for The Joint Battlespace:

Panel Presentations:

Thursday, 27 October 2005

Marine Aviation Transformation: The Future is Now, Lieutenant General Michael A. Hough, USMC, Deputy Commandant for Aviation

Combating Terrorism with Technology, Mr. Roger Smith, Deputy Assistant Secretary of The Navy, Littoral and Mine Warfare, "Combating Terrorism with Technology"

Session - Rapid Acquisition to Support Today’s Joint Operational Needs:

Rapid Acquisition to Support Today’s Joint Operational Needs, by Colonel Michael Mulligan, USMC, product Group Director, Infantry Weapons Systems, MARCORSYSCOM

Rapid Equipping Force Streamlined Acquisition Process, by Colonel Robert Lovett, USA, Project Manager, US Army Rapid Equipping Force

Spiral Development in Wartime, by Lieutenant Colonel Paul Hastert, USAF, Mission Planning / Mission Rehearsal Officer

Urgent Requirements - an I MEF G-9 Perspective, by Lieutenant Colonel John M. Pioli, USMC, I MEF G9, Innovation Technology

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