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5th Annual CMMI Technology Conference and User Group

Denver, CO

14-17 November 2005

Table of Contents



Monday, 14 November 2005

Tutorial Tracks

Track 1:

  • Calculating CMMI-Based Return on Investment (ROI): Why, When, What, How?, Mr. Rolf W. Reitzig, Cognece, Inc.

  • A Practical Guide to Implementing Levels 4 and 5, Mr. Rick Hefner, Northrop Grumman Corporation

  • Track 2:

  • Agile/Lean Workshop, Mr. Jeffrey Dutton, Jacobs Sverdrup

  • Mr. Tim Kasse, Kasse Initiatives, LLC:
    - Leveraging ITIL Services (Suppport and Delivery) Capability and Maturity with the CMMI

    - Service Management “A Process Led Approach”

    - ITIL IT Infrastructure Library Overview

    - Overview of Service Support & Service Delivery Functions

    - Configuration Management & Change Management

    - “Service Support” Change Management

    - “Service Support” Configuration Management

    - Configuration Management & Change Management ITIL - CMMI

    - ITIL Process Maturity Self-Assessment & Action Plan
  • Track 3:

  • The Look and Feel of a Successful CMMI Implementaiton, Mr. Tim Kasse, Kasse Initiatives, LLC

  • How to Define CMMI Based Process That are Short and Usable and Using a Process Measurement Framework to Successfully Achieve Measurable Results, Mr. Timothy G. Olson, Quality Improvement Consultatnts, Inc.
  • Track 4:

  • Using Simulation to Support Better Management Decisions, Dr. David M. Raffo, Portland State University

  • Institutionalizing Resource Planning and Management Part I and Part II, Mr. Donald A. Borcherding, NexSummit, LLC
  • Track 5:

  • The CMMI V1.2 ... A Tutorial, Mr. David M. Phillips, SEI
  • Track 6:

  • Integrated Porject Management (IPM) - The CMMI and Collaborative Product Develop and Requirement Engineering: A Practicial Approach to Modeling and Managing Requirements, Mr. William J. Deibler, II Software Systems Quality Consulting - SSQC

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    Tuesday, 15 November 2005

    General Sessions

    LTG Joseph Yakovac, USA, Miliatry Deputy Office of the Secretary of the Army, Acquisition, Logistics & Technology

    Executive Panel: "How Has CMMI Improved Our Program & Project Performance -- Or Has It?":

  • Mr. Mark Schaeffer, Director, Systems Engineering, OUSD(AT&L) Defense System and OSD Sponsor, CMMI

  • Mr. Dev Banerjee, Division Director, Systems & Flight Engineering, Boeing Integrated Defense Systems

  • Mr. John Evers, Raytheon Processes Program Manager, Raytheon Common Engineering Process Program

  • Brig Gen Gary Salisbury, USAF (Ret), Executive Director Business Development, Defense Mission Systems, Northrop Grumman Mission Systems
  • Lunch: CMMI State of the Model, Mr. Bob Rassa, Raytheon; Mr. Clyde Chittister, SEI

    Technical Sessions

    Track 1: CMMI Process Improvement

  • CMMI/ISO - "Can't we all just get along?", Mr. Dale R. Spaulding, The Boeing Company

  • Real World Application of IEEE Software Engineering Standards to CMM/CMMI Software Process Improvement Initiatives, Ms. Susan K. Land, Norhtrop Gurmman IT/TASC

  • The CMMI Product Suite and International Standards -- An Update, Mr. David H. Kitson, SEI

  • Track 2: Practical Guidance

  • Verification in CMMI using Peer Reviews - Presentation and Paper, Ms. Jeanne H. Balsam, Georgia Tech Research Institute

  • Process QA in the Information Age: Keep it Light!, Hillel Glazer, Entinex, Inc

  • Defect Datat and Configuation Management, Ms. Julie E. Schmarje, Raytheon Company

  • Track 3: Appraisals

  • Wasted Days and Wasted Nights - Leveraging Your Appraisal Team as a Resource, Dr. Timothy J. Davis, Raytheon Missile Systems

  • Building a Credible SCAMPI Appraisal Representative Sample, Mr. Robert L. Moore, III., Business Transformation Institute, Inc.

  • Top 10 Signs You're Ready (or Not) for an Appraisal, Mr. Gary Natwick, Harris Corporation

  • Track 4: ROI & Benefits of CMMI

  • Measuring Performance: Evidence About the Results of CMMI, Ms. Diane Gibson, SEI

  • Prioritizing Process Improvement Strategies in CMMI to Optimize Business Objectives, Dr. Aldo Dagnino, ABB, Inc. US Corporate Research

  • Implementing a Plan for Controlling ROI for CMMI Process Improvement, Mr. J. M. Perry, BAE Systems

  • Lessons Learned in the Engineering of Process Performance Models on the Journey to Higher Maturity Levels, Mr. Dr. Mary Anne Herndon, SAIC

  • Track 5: Acquisition / High Maturity

  • Getting Lost on the Way to Level 5, Ms. Kathy King, The Center for Systems Management

  • Understanding Why?, Mr. David N. Card, Q-Labs

  • Track 6: Transitioning to CMMI

  • Migrating Best Practices Within an Organization: Experiences in Adapting CMMI Policies and Procedures Used in One Part of a Business to Another, Mr. Scott Sherrill, Georgia Tech Research Institute

  • An Enterprise Wide CMMI Implementation at Accenture, Ms. Sarah S. Bengzon, Accenture

  • Stakeholder Identification and Involvement in the CMMI, Mr. James R. Armstrong, Systems and Software Consortium

  • Ensuring the Right Process is Deployed Right: Synchronizing Process Checkpoints with Business Rhythm, Ms. Joan Weszka, Lockheed Martin Corporation

  • Track 7: CMMI for Small Projects anhd Organizations

  • Making PPQA Work on Small Projects Presentation and Paper, Ms. Jean M. Swank, Georgia Tech Research Institute

  • Does Size Matter in CMMI Implementation or Was Yoda Wrong?, Mr. Paul H. Meyers, SAIC

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    Wednesday, 16 November 2005

    Technical Sessions

    Track 1: CMMI Process Improvement

  • A Change Agent in a Level 1 Organization; How to Survive in a Hostile Environment, Mr. Andrew Cordes, ABB - United States Corporate Research Center

  • "Sound Systems Engineering Using CMMI, Mr. Michael T. Kutch, Jr., SPAWAR - Charleston

  • Using CMMI to "Dig Out" from an Ad Hoc Development?, Mr. Donald A. Borcherding, NexSummit, LLC

  • Strategic Planning: Selling a CMMI-Based Improvement Effort to Senior Management, Dr. Aldo Dagnino, ABB, Inc., US Corporate Research

  • Enterprise Process Intergration within the Space and Airborne Systems Business Area of Raytheon, Mrs. Deana A. Seigler, Raytheon Company

  • Interpreting the CMMI: It Depends!, Mr. Rick Hefner, Northrop Grumman Corporation

  • CMMI as Safeguard Against Software Entropy: A Manager's Perspective, Dr. Thomas F. Christian, Jr., 402 SMXG

  • "Its how big? How will you deploy it without killing my team and my program?", Mr. William Borkowski, Jr., Raytheon Missile Systems

  • Track 2: Practical Guidance

  • Are You Making the Most of Your Project Schedules?, Ms. Susan Byrnes, PMP, Natural SPI, Inc.

  • Keeping the Team Motivated for Success and “Barrier Busting” – Obtaining Active Leadership Support, Mr. Michael D. Scott, Raytheon Missile Systems

  • Using a Level 3 Process to Achieve CMMI Level 3, Mr. Stephen Ross, Raytheon Company

  • Accelerating Process Improvement through Collaboratio: The NAVAIR Systems Process Improvement Community of Practice, Ms. Katie Smith, Naval Air Systems Command

  • What the CMMI Doesn't Say About Training (But Should!), Sree Yellayi, Siemens Corporate Research

  • CMMI CP 2.8 Interpretation and Implementation: Is This Practice Just About Numbers?, Mr. Lester Stamnas, Norausky Process Solutions, Inc.

  • Creating Helpful process Directives, Mr. Kenneth I. Weinberg, Raytheon Company

  • Track 3: Appraisals

  • Lessions Learned in Helping Large and Small Organizations Prepare for their First Appraisal, Mr. Robert J. Pomietto, Center for Systems Management

  • Behind Closed Doors, Mr. Tom G. Lienhard, Raytheon Missile Systems

  • CMMI Appraisal Results: The Shocking Truth Revealed and Lead Appraisers Gone Wild, Ms. Margaret A. Glover, SEI

  • Improving Document Reviews for Appraisals, Mr. Kent McClurg, Raytheon Company

  • Finding CMMI Compliant Artifacts and a Needle in a Haystack, Adrio J. DeCicco, Raytheon Company

  • Lessons Learned and Best Practices for Evidence Collection in Preparation for a SCAMPI Appraisal, Mr. Ben Berauer, Raytheon Company

  • Maximizing Value for SCAMPI(SM) Preparation, Ms. Joan Weszka, Lockheed Martin Corporation

  • Track 4: ROI & Benefits of CMMI

  • Evaluating the Impact New Tools and Technologies Using Simulation, Dr. David M. Raffo, Portland State University

  • The ROI Dashbord (c): Understanding the Benefits of CMMI, Mr. Thomas L. McGibbon, ITT Industries, AES

  • Quality Assurance Involvement Compared to Program Results, Ms. Jill Brooks, Raytheon Company

  • Rapidly Achieving Measurable ROI Using Early Defect Detection, Mr. Timothy G. Olson, Quality Improvement Consultants, Inc.

  • CMMI Process Improvement: Its not a technical problem, its a people problem, Mr. Rolf W. Reitzig, Cognence, Inc.

  • A Project's Perspective of a CMMI Level 5, Mr. Warren Scheinin, Northrop Grumman Corporation

  • Achieving the Promised Benefits of CMMI, Dr. Rick Hefner, Norhtrop Grumman Corporation

  • Measuring Economic Benefits of Process Improvement in CMMI Level 1 Organization, Dr. Aldo Dagnino, ABB, Inc., US Corporate Research

  • Track 5: High Maturity

  • Logarithms Can Be Your Friends: Controlling Peer Review Cost?, Dr. Richard L. W. Welch, Northrop Grumman Corporation

  • Journeys on the Road to Level 5, Mr. Joseph V. Vanderville, Northrop Grumman Corporation

  • Lessons Learned on the SCAMPI Road to CMMI-Software Level 5, Mr. Joseph N. Frisina, BAE Systems

  • Merging Measurement in Mature Companies - A Success Story of Measurement Process Integration, Ms. Sharon Rohde, Lockheed Martin IS&S

  • The Road to Process Improvement Successes: CMMI Level 5/ISO 9001-2000 Business Model, Mrs. Debra S. Roy, BAE Systems, National Security Solutions

  • Reducing Variation at Each CMMI Maturity Level?, Mr. Timothy Kasse, Kasse Initiatives, LLC

  • Ways to Ensure the Culture Supports Level 5, Mr. Warren Scheinin, Northrop Grumman Corporation

  • Analyzing Defects Can Tell a Story About a Company?, Ms. Diane A. Mitzukami-Williams, Northrop Grumman Corporation Mission Systems

  • Track 6: Transition to CMMI

  • Combining Six IPTS and Transitioning to CMMI, Ms. Judy Overhouser-Duett, NAVAIR

  • How to Transition Models and Disciplines - Looking for Transition in all the Wrong Places, Ms. Lori G. Smailes, TYBRIN Corporation

  • Using SW-SMM SQA Independent Verificaiton as a First Step for the Transition to CMMI, Mr. Alfredo N. Tsukumo, CenPRA-Centro de Pesquisas Renato Archer

  • Service Extensions to the CMMI, Mr. Craig R. Hollenbach, Northrop Grumman Corporation

  • Applying CMMI to Services, Mr. Juan C. Ceva, Raytheon ITSS

  • Management Challenges & Lessons Learned Implementing CMMI in a Services Environment, Mr. Thomas E. Zience, BAE Systems Information Technology

  • CMMI v1.1 for a Service Oriented Organization, Mr. Steven K. Hall, Raytheon Corporation

  • Track 7: Measurement

  • Software Size Growth and Uncertainity - Both Affect Estimate Quality and Project Risk Presentation and Paper, Mr. Michael A. Ross, Galorath, Inc.

  • Building an Automated System to Support Measurement in CMMI, Dr. Richard Hayden, Pragma Systems Corporation

  • Team of Three - How to Get Program, Functional and Process Management Working Together, Mr. Mark A. Marsh, Raytheon Company

  • Parametric Project Monitoring and Control: Performance-Based Progress Assessment and Prediction Presentation and Paper, Mr. Michael A. Ross, Galorath, Inc.

  • Measuring and Estimating Process Performance, Dr. Richard D. Stutzke, SAIC

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    Thursday, 17 November 2005

    Technical Sessions

    Track 1: CMMI Process Improvement

  • “Barrier Busting” – Obtaining Active Leadership Support, Mr. Michael D. Scott, Raytheon

  • Don’t Write the Wrong Processes!, Ms. Suzanne B. Zampella, The Center for Systems Management

  • Contrasting CMMI Contrasting CMMI and the PMBOK, Mr. Wayne Sherer, Anteon Corporation

  • Being Customer Oriented, Mr. Tim Kasse, Kasse Initiatives, LLC

  • Learning from Lessons Observed - Mitigating Resistance to Process Improvement, Mr. Bob Norris, National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency

  • Track 2: Practical Guidance

  • Supplier Management Strategy Considerations with CMMI, Mr. Rick Hefner, Northrop Grumman Corporation

  • Simplifying Process Tailoring To Enhance Project Execution, Mr. Howard T. Kaplan, Raytheon Company

  • CMMI and agile: a High Tech R&D Success Story, Mr. Gene Miluk, SEI

  • How to Incorporate “Lessons Learned” for Sustained Process Improvements, Mr. Anil K. Midha, BAE Systems

  • Data Management: The Hidden Enabler or (The Key Data and Work Product Integrator), Mr. Lester Stamnas, Norausky Process Solutions

  • Track 3: Appraisals

  • Techniques for Shortening the Time and Cost of CMMI Appraisals, Mr. Sam Fogle, Systems and Software Consortium, Inc.

  • Using Classified Programs in CMMI Appraisals, Mr. Kenneth I. Weinberg, Raytheon Company

  • The Best Intentions of SCAMPI V1.1: What We Meant and What Some People Heard, Mr. Will Hayes, SEI

  • A Quantitative Comparison of SCAMPI A, B, and C, Mr. Dan Luttrell, Northrop Grumman Mission Systems

  • Performing Consistent Appraisals in a Global Organization, Ms. Jeanine Courtney-Clark, Integrated System Diagnostics, Inc

  • Track 4: ROI & Benefits of CMM I / SCAMPI B/C

  • The Effects of CMMI on Program Performance, Mr. Joseph P. Elm, SEI

  • Squeezing Variation for Profit, Mr. Donald R. Corpron, Northrop Grumman Corporation

  • Process In Execution Review (PIER) and the SCAMPI B Method, Ms. Lorraine J. Adams, SEI

  • Planning a SCAMPI C Appraisal from a Strategic Perspective, Mr. John P. Kennedy, The Mitre Corporation

  • Critical Path SCAMPISM Getting Real Business Results from Appraisals, Mr. Michael J. West, Natural SPI, Inc.

  • Using SCAMPI C for Collective Improvement Across a Multi-Business Program, Mr. Oktawian Nowak, Motorola, Inc.

  • Track 5: High Maturity

  • A Statistical Approach to Product Quality Assurance, mr. Randall J. Varga, BAE Systems

  • The Key to a High Maturity Rating is - ORGANIZATION, Mrs. Karen M. Pelletier, Northrop Grumman Corporation

  • Paladin Drives Forward To CMMI® Maturity Level 5, Mr. Victor Elias, M.S., Armament Software Engineering Center, US Army

  • Business Improvements Achieving CMMI®Level 5 at SAIC: Who Keeps Moving My Process?, Ms. Sharon Cobb Flanagan, SAIC

  • Extending CMMI Level 4/5 Organization Metrics Beyond Software Development, Ms. Linda R. Brooks, Northrop Grumman Corporation

  • Track 6: CMMI Extensions

  • Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI®) Tailoring for an IT/MS Services Environment, Ms. Stacy Savage, BAE Systems Information Technology

  • Adapting CMMI for Acquisition Organizations: A Preliminary Report, Dr. Hubert Hofmann, General Motors

  • How to Become Your Customer’s Software Provider of Choice, Mr. David Herron, DCG, Inc.

  • Space and Missile Systems CenteSpace and Missile Systems Center, Mr. Keith Wright, SPARTA, Inc.

  • Software Outsourcing with CMMI, Dr. John W. Mishler, SEI

  • Track 7: Systems Engineering

  • Sound Systems Engineering using CMMI®, Ms. Sandee D. Guidry, TECHSOFT

  • Systems Engineering Influence Throughout the CMMI, Mr. Tim Kasse, Kasse Initiatives, LLC

  • Future of System and Software Engineering Project Management and the CMMI, Dr. Kenneth E. Nidiffer, Systems and Software Consortium

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