Conference Proceedings

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USSOCOM Chemical, Biological, Radiological Conference & Exhibition
Responding to the Terrorist CBRN Threat: "Preparation or Panic"
Tampa, FL
6-8 December 2005

Tuesday, 6 December 2005

Welcome Remarks: MG Barry Bates, USA (Ret), NDIA

Joint Program Executive Office, BG Steve Reeves, USA, PEO Chem/Bio Defense

Joint Scienc & Technology, Dr. Charles R. Gallaway, Director, Joint Science Technology Office for Chemical & Biologica Dfense, DTRA

Doing Business with USSOCOM, Mr. Joe Daum, USSOCOM

Reducing the Threat of Nuclear and Radiological Terrorism, Mr. Kurt Westerman, National Nuclear Security Administration

Avon M53 Protective Mask for USSOCOM, Mr. Wayne Scheurer, Avon Protection Systems

Wednesday, 7 December 2005

Chemical Homeland Security Suite (C-HoSS), Dr. George R. Thompson, Chemical Compliance Systems

Radiological Emergency Response, Ms. Rhonda Hopkins, Bechtel Nevada

Use of Recombinant Butyrylcholinesterase in Responding to Chemical Weapon Attack, Dr. Gary D. Dorough, PhamAthene

Reliable Discrimination of High Explosive/Chem/Bio/Artillery Susing Acoustic IGS, Mr. Sachi V. Desai, US Army ARDEC

Real-Time First Bite Detection, Mr. Andrew Behar, VivoMetrics Government Services

Polymer Technology for the Lock-Down/Removal of Radiological Contamination, Ms. Jayne Shelton, Isotron Corporation

Modeling Tool for Prediction and Mitigation of CBRNE Events, Mr. John P. Daugherty, CTC

Terrorist Motivations to Employ CBRN Weapons, Mr. Robert C. Neumann, EAI Corporation

USAF Counter-Biological Warfare Effort, Lt Col Donna M. Hudson, USAF

Thursday, 8 December 2005

Keynote Presentation, Question & Answer Session: MG John Doesburg, USA (Ret), Center for Homeland Security and Counterprofliferation

Responding to Multiple Ebola Attacks: The Need for Coordinated Preparedness, Ms. Dorothy A. Canter, John Hopkins University

Capture, Contain, Treat and Dispose of Decontamination Runoff on Site, Mr. Primo L. Acernese, TerraGroup Corporation

National Guard CBRN Response: Achieving Unity of Effort Between Local/State/Federal, COL Thomas D. Hook, USA, National Guard Bureau

CBRN Detectors for Early Warning of CBRN Events in Transit Environments, Mr. Francesco Pellegrino, Lockheed Martin

Using smart Threads to Interdict Radioactive Materials, Mr. Carter D. Hull, Chief Technology Officer, Nucsafe