Conference Proceedings

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2005 Technical Information Division Annual Conference, Miami, FL
3-4 March 2005

Configuration Management, Logistics, and Universal CM Issues by Mr. Larry Bauer, Boeing Commercial Airplanes

Transforming Logistics by Mr. Jerry Beck, OADUSD(LPP)

Configuration Management and Data Management in DODD 5000.1 by Dr. Jay Billings, President, Defense Systems Corporation

2005 CDM Certification and Apprentice Tutorial by Mr. Charles Billingsley

Industry Keynote - Adapting Logistics Capabilities to National Security Requirements by LTG Peter Cuviello, USA (Ret.) Vice President and Managing Director, Lockheed Martin Focused Logistics Enterprise

Integration of Systems Engineering & Supportability by Mr. Joe Grosson, Executive Director, Focused Logistics Enterprise & Corp.

Pre-Systems Acquisition Activities - Life Cycle Data Management in Handbook 859 by Ms. Cynthia C. Hauer,
Millennium Data Management, Incorporated

EIA-836 CM Data Exchange and Interoperability - CM Data to Support the Logistics Process by Mr. Alan Lager, MLR Associates

Army Aviation - Logistics For The Warfighter by Dr. Thomas Pieplow, Associate Director for Aviation, AMCOM

IEEE Std 828-1990 - IEEE Standard for Software Configuration Management Plans by Mr. Gaston Ray, General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems

Military Engineering Data Asset Locator System (MEDALS) Data Quality by Mr. Warren M Scott, Program Manager, Military Engineering Data Assets Locator Sytems (MEDALS), Defense Logistics Agency

IEEE 12207 “Software Life Cycle Processes”