Conference Proceedings

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16th Annual NDIA SO/LIC Symposium & Exhibition

2 - 4 February 2005

Washington, DC



Keynote Address: “An Ambassador’s Perspective on Operations”

The Strategic Environment: The US Perspective

Partners' Perspectives on Coalition Special Operations

"Civil Affairs and Psychological Operations in Current and Future Conflicts"

"SO/LIC Training, Education, Gaming, and Simulations: Education and Training"

"Low Intensity Conflict - Capabilities and Gaps"

"Role of Contractors in Worldwide Coalition Warfare"

  • Mr. Craig A. Peterson, KBR Vice President Contingency and Homeland Operations, Halliburton, Inc.
    (Presentation not approved for distribution.)

Keynote Address: "The Way Ahead for Coalition Warfare"

"View of Coalition Warfare from the Leadership of the Theater Special Operations Commands"