Conference Proceedings

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6th Annual Science & Engineering Technology Conference, Charleston, SC.
19-21 April 2005


International Technology Cooperation by Adrian Baguley

FY 2006 Presidentís Budget Request for the Defense S&T Program by Mr. Robert W. Baker

Defense Basic Research by Dr. Bill Berry

AFRL - Towards the Next Horizon by Dr William U. Borger

Urban Warfare Discussion by Mr. Joe Braddock

Biological/Chemical Countermeasures RDT&E: at the Department of Homeland Security by Mr. Lance Brooks

Defense Threat Reduction Agency Science and Technology Programs by Dr. Mark Byers

The Vision and Technology Plan for the Integrated Manned and Unmanned Rotorcraft Fleet by Mr. Ned Chase

Fighting the Networked Force: Insights from Network Centric Operations Case Studies by Lt Col Jack "Ripper" Forsythe

Capability Based Approach to Joint Warfighting by RDML Mark Harnitchek

Defense Science and Technology Crosscutting Challenges and Opportunities by Dr. Charles J. Holland

Navy S&T Focus by CAPT J.C. Kamp

Focus of the Army Science & Technology Program by Dr. Thomas Killion

Army Science & Technology by Dr. Thomas Killion

Integrated Solutions to Deter/Defeat Threats to U.S by COL Klooster

DARPAís S&T Program by Dr. Robert Leheny

Getting Technology to the Warfighter - Bridging the Gap† From Research to Applications by Dr. Robert F. Leheny

Department of Homeland Security Science & Technology Directorate Border and Transportation Security Portfolio by Ms. Jeanne Lin

Joint Capabilities Integration & Development System - Urgent Needs & JCIDS

United States Joint Forces Command - Emerging Concept for Joint Command and Control by Mr. David J. Ozolek

Getting Technology to the Warfighter by Ms. Sue Payton

Advanced Concept Technology Demonstration (ACTD) by Mr. Mark Peterson

Research and Technology Needs - Focus on: Force Protection Combating Terrorism Surveillance Technology by Mr. Ben Riley

Test and Evaluation/Science and Technology (T&E/S&T) Program by Mr. George Rumford

Defense Research and Engineering Update by Dr. Ronald M. Sega

Disruptive Technology: An Uncertain Future by Mr. Alan R. Shaffer

Discovery to Deployment