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Precision Strike Technology Symposium

"Accelerating Joint & Coalition Technology Advances for Precision Strike"

18 - 20 October 2005

Laurel, MD


Accelerating Precision Strike Technology for Stability Operations and Protection of Coalition Forces, David K. Sanders, Deputy PEO for Strike Weapons and Unmanned Aviation

Use of Imageaided Navigation for UAV Navigation and Target Geolocation in Urban and GPSdenied Environments, Dr. Alison K. Brown, President and CEO of NAVSYS Corporation

Sensor Data Exploitation, Mr. David Toms, Business Development Director, Mercury Computer Systems' Defense Technologies Group

Overview of 3rd Party Targeting Demonstration Using the APL Precision Target Locator Demonstrator, Mr. Ben Huguenin and Mr. Joe Schissler, Johns Hopkins University, Applied Physics Laboratory

Decision Support for Time Critical Strike: Land Based Target Area Of Uncertainty (LBTAOU) Prototype, Mr. David Silvia, Naval Undersea Warfare Center

The Significance of the 2005 Base Realignment and Closure Outcomes -- Now and in the Future, Mr. Philip E. Coyle, 2005 BRAC Commissioner

Precision Engagement -- Future Operations: An Industry Perspective, Mr. Kevin Peppe, Deputy Director of Phalanz, Raytheon Company

Agile Acquisition Processes for Joint Capabilities, Mr. Mike Knollmann, ADUSD (Joint & Coalition Operations Support), Office of Deputy Under Secretary of Defense (Advanced Systems & Concepts)

High Speed / Hypersonic S&T & Networked Weapons, Dr. Michael S. Richman, Associate Director, Aerospace Technology, Office of the Deputy Under Secretary of Defense (S&T)

Penetrating Effector Systems from EADS/TDW, Dr. Helmut Muthig, President & CEO, EADS/TDW

International Armaments Cooperation, Col James Dendis, USAF, Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics, Directorate of International Cooperation

Just-in-time Strike Augmentation (JITSA) - Major Conflict through Stability and Protection Operations, Mr. Gregory K. Jenkins, AAC/XR

Accelerating Networked Sensors & Fires, Mr. John Weinzettle, Director, PE SBA

Realizing the Combat Power of Network Centric Operations, CDR John "Snooze" Martins, USN, Lead F/A18 Hornet & EA18G Weapon System Integration Team

Change in View Point: Application of the Dual Recoil System to Light Weight Towed Artillery, Mr. William T. Zepp, Senior Artillery Engineer, US Army ARDEC

746 Test Squadron: A New Test Capability SAASM Integrated System Evaluator and Reporter (SAASMISER), Mr. Jim Killian, 746 Test Squadron

Precision and Non-Lethal Weapons (NLW), Mr. Steven M. Ritacco, Requirements Center of Excellence Director, Whitney, Bradley & Brown, Inc.

BLU122 Warhead Program, Maj Mike Lauden, BLU122 Program Manager

JSF Pneumatic S&RE and Beyond, Mr. Lynn D. Seal, EDO Corporation

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Core Address:

Shows of Actions -- Training the Afghan National Army, BG Thomas P. Mancino, ARNG, Assistant Adjutant General of Oklahoma