Conference Proceedings

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Precision Strike Association
April 19-20, 2005

Tuesday, 19 April 2005

Open Remarks:
”Interdependency Across the Services”, by Rear Admiral Timothy L. Heely, USN, PEO for Strike Weapons and Unmanned Aviation

Keynote Address by Major General Joseph F. Peterson, USA, Vice Director for Operations (J-3), The Joint Staff (Presentation not approved for distribution)

Precision Attack to Ensure Dominant Maneuvers:

Precision Weapons Capability from an Operator, by Lt Col West “Elvis” Anderson, USAF, Student, National War College

Wedensday, 20 April 2005

Laying the Geospatial-Intelligence Foundation for Future Warfare, by Mr. Jon D. Estridge, Chief, Air Warfare/Targeting Division, NGA Future Warfare Systems (IW), InnoVision Directorate

Joint Deep Strike Systems:

Capabilities Based Planning: An AT&L Perspective on FCB Interactions, by Mr. James “Raleigh” Durham, Deputy Director for Joint Force Application, OUSD(AT&L) Defense Systems

LUNCHEON ADDRESS: Improving the Kill Chain, by Lieutenant General Michael A. Hough, USMC
Deputy Commandant for Aviation United States Marine Corps Headquarters

Precision Strike Acquisition Panel: