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2005 NDIA Combat Vehicles Conference
Shepherdsville, KY
20-22 September 2005
Panama City, FL

Wednesday, 21 September 2005

SESSION I - Requirements and Warfighting

Keynote Address: Balanced Modernization, by LTG Mark Curran, USA, Deputy Commanding General, Futures and Director, Futures Center, US Army Training and Doctrine Command

War Panel: Operation Iraqi Freedom


  • MG J. B. Burns, USA (Ret)


Ogden Ops-Sequence (Video)

SESSION II: U.S. Marine Corps Session

USMC Agenda

Maintaining the Corps Today While Preparing for Tomorrow, by Col Michael J. Mulligan, USMC, Director, Infantry Weapons Systems, Marine Corps Systems Command

Today's Combat Vehicles:

Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle (EFV), by Col Mike Brogan, USMC, DRPM Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle, Worth Avenue Technology Center

EFV OPM (Video)

Thursday, 22 September 2005

SESSION III: Future to Current

Combat Systems - Where We Are… Where We’re Going… and Like a Rock (Video), COL Larry D. Hollingsworth, USA, Project Manager, Combat Systems (Tank: Abrams/Bradley)

Stryker 'Move' (Video)

Shoot MGS (Video)

Communicate (Video)

Army Racing (Video)

Panel: Future Combat System/Unit of Action Panel Update

Update (Presentation)

Tiger Short (Video)
Surv2 (Video)
Surv3 (Video)


  • COL Charles Coutteau, USA, Program Manager Manned Ground Vehicle (MGV)


  • Mr. Tom Hartigan, Program Manager, US - Reliability
  • Mr. Dan Holtz and Mr. Dick Williams, Boeing
  • Mr. Dean Vanderstelt, General Dynamics Land Systems (GDLS)
  • Mr. Mike Zoltoski, TARDEC
  • Mr. Peter DeMasi, Program Manager, US/Lethality Systems

Thank You! (Video)