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15th Annual NDIA SO/LIC Symposium & Exhibition,
Washington, D. C.

February - 2004
Table of Contents
  United States Army Civil Affairs and Psychological Operations Command (Airborne) by MG Buz Altshuler

Special Operations in Afghanistan by Rear Admiral Albert M. Calland, USN



USSOCOM Acquisition

ARSOF at War

Some Comments Regarding Performance Potential for a New Machine Gun and Ammunition Concepts by Abe Flatau

"Training the Force with Ground Combat Training Devices" by LTC Joseph. A. Giunta Jr.


The smarter Ambush - Security Solutions for an Unsafe World

USSOCOM-USMC Interoperability

DoD Role in Shaping Special Operations by Honorable Thomas W. O’Connell

Technological Capabilities for the Global War on Terrorism by Mr. J. Frank Wattenbarger

Essay Contest

Examining Changes in Character and Conduct of War as a Basis for a SOF-CENTRIC Strategy by Mr. Arnold J. Abraham

Morphing War: Counter-Narcotics, Counter-Insurgency, and Counter-Terrorism Doctrine in Columbia by Mr. David C. Becker

An Unconventional Look at Training and Education to Improve Conventional and SOF Integration by Mr. William J. Carty

Post-Conflict Resolution: Carrying forward U. S. Constabulary Operations Lessons Learned to the Global War on Terrorism by MAJ Richard D. Orman

Linked technology & information: Shared soul of the U.S. military’s potential transformational change and RMA, but are the conditions right? by Marshall V. Ecklund

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