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50th Annual Joint Services 
Small Arms Systems Section Annual Symposium,
Exhibition and Firing Demonstration

10 - 13 May  04
Table of Contents

Tuesday, 11 May 2004

Program Executive Office Ammunition by Mr. Matthew Zimmerman

RAND Arroyo Review of Army Arsenals and Ammunition Plants by Mr. Mike Hix


SESSION I - Joint Services Small Arms Program (JSSAP) Management Committee

SESSION II - Soldier System Interoperability

SESSION III - Individual Weapons & Payloads

SESSION IV - Crew Served Weapons

Wednesday, 12 May 2004

Industry Position On National Small Arms Technical Center by Mr. Jean-Louis Vanderstraeten

Lessons Learned from Operation Iraqi Freedom 

Small Arms Update by MAJ Kevin J. Finch

Directorate of Combat Developments Small Arms Division by MAJ Kevin J. Finch

SESSION V - Project Manager for Soldier Weapons (NOTE: These presentations contain .mpg and .avi files.  They are large and may take time to download!!)

SESSION VI - Joint Service Small Arms Program (JSSAMP)  Update

SESSION VII - Trianing and Ancillary Equipment

SESSION VIII - Ammunition

Thursday, 13 May 2004

The Small Arms Production Base by Mr. William Sanville

Committee of Small Arms Producers (CSAP) National Small Arms Technology Center (NSATC) and 
Consortium Overview


SESSION IX - Testing and Simulation
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