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International Armaments Technology
Symposium & Exhibition
June 14-16, 2004
Table of Contents

Conference Overview by Mr. Michael Devine, Technical Director, ARDEC

Ammunition in Support of Current and Future Operations by Kevin M. Fahey, Deputy Program Executive Officer

“Trends in Security Competition” by Arthur K. Cebrowski, Director, Force Transformation

105mm LAV III Artillery Weapon System by Mr. James Vickery, Generak Dynamics-LS

Variable Volume Chamber Cannon ( V²C² ) by Mr. Jack Kuhn, UDLP

Solder Lethality by Mr. Richard Audette, PM Soldiers

US ARMY Ultralight Laser Designator (ULD) Development by Mr. John E. Nettleton, NAVESD

Army Electromagnetic (EM) Gun Program by Mr. Matthew Cilli, ARDEC

Multi-mode Warheads by Mr. Richard Fong, ARDEC

Laser Ignition Technology by Mr. Anthony Tartarilla, AMSRD-AAR-AEW-F(D), Indirect Fire Team

Long Range Tank Training Round by Mr. Leon Manole, ARDEC

MEMS in Weapons by Mr. David Panhorst, ARDEC

Advanced Technologies for Embedded Instrumentation by Dr. David Lyon, ARL

Mid Range Munition MRM by Mr. Robert Muth and Mr. Wilfred Toledo, ARDEC

Low-Cost Course Correction Technologies (LC3T) by Dr. T. G. Horwath, President, TG&C Associates, Inc.

Low Cost Course Correction (LCCC) Technology Applications by Mr. George Barnych, GD-OTS

Network Centric Warfare by Dr. Norman Coleman, ARDEC

Intelligent Automated Video Survellance Application by Ms. Susan Hubbard, Guardian Solutions

Shoulder Fired Munitions by Mr. Gary Pacella, ARDEC

Non-Lethal Technologies by Ms. Liliana McShea, Project Engineer, NL/SE Team, US Army ARDEC

Precision Guided Mortar Munition by Mr. Peter Burke, OPM Mortars

NSFS Overview by Major Jeff Graham, Marine Representative to NSFS Program Office

Guided Integrated Fuzing by Mr. Chad Finch - NSWCDD and Mr. Robert Werko - ARDEC

Small Arms Sight Opportunity by Mr. Patrick Gallagher, EO Tech

Rapid Equipment Force, Mr. Paul Stoskus, REF

Dragon Fire II by Mr. Forrest Lindsey, US Marine Corps

Anti-Missile System for Main Battle Tanks by LtCol Carlo Aimini, Italian Army

Leap Ahead – 52 cal Artillery System by Mr. Thys Krüger, Artillery Systems Manager: Denel Land Systems

German Artillery for the Future by LtCol Koolman, Gruppe Weiterentwicklung Artillerie

Development of Insensitive Artillery Propellant by Dr. Junko Morita, TRDI and Mr. Samming Moy, ARDEC

Excaliber by LTC William Cole, PM for Excalibur and LTC Joakim Lewin, Swedish Deputy PM for Excalibur

South African/US Cooperative Developments by Mr. Gyff Fitchat

International Armaments Technology by MG John Doesburg, Commanding General, RDECOM

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