Conference Proceedings

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20th Annual Test & Evaluation
Conference & Exhibition

1 - 4 March 2004

Reno, NV

Monday, March 1, 2004


Defense Acquisition University, Dr. Jay Gould

DoD Business Transformation Meeting the Security Challenges of the 21st Century, Defense Acquisition University


Tuesday, March 2, 2004

Opening Brief/Organizations/Initiatives

Industry Weighs in on the Value/Impact of Operational Test & Evaluation/Developmental Operational Test & Evaluation, Mr. John Stoddart

OT&E/DT&E How Can We Make it Better?, Mr. Dale Von Haause

OT&E in a Non-DoD Setting: Civil Aviation Security, Mr. Cathal Flynn

The Value of OTE in Homeland Security, Mr. Paul Polski

COMOPTEVFOR U.S. Navy OT&E, Mr. Steven K. Whitehead

COMOPTEVFOR Strategic Plan

Test and Evaluation in the "New World of 2004", The Honorable Thomas Christie


Wednesday, March 3, 2004

Perspectives on Transforming DT and OT Industry-Government Roundtable, Mr. Richard Lockhart

Testing in the Context of the Operational Mission, Mr. Mike Toole

An Operational Test & Evaluation Design Strategy in Light of the JCIDS Transformation Guidance, Dr. Paul H. Deitz

NAVAIR, T&E Design, and JCIDS Transformation, RADM Bert Johnston

T&E Implementation of JCIDS, Dr. Marion L. Williams

Verily, Vortices, Validation, and Vigilance - T&E Lessons for V-22, Mr. Brent Crabtree

DOT&E Scorecard: Wins & Losses, Post-game Report, Dr. Ernest Seglie

New Technologies For Improved Operational Testing Of Unmanned Underwater Vehicles, Mr. Richard Peel

Developmental Testing: Industry/Government Roundtable - Perspectives on Transforming DT and OT, Mr. Brian Simmons


Thursday, March 4, 2004

20 Years of DOT&E What Have We Learned & How Can We Make It Better

A Framework for OT&E Transformation, Dr. William G. Lese

OT&E Transformation Framework: Air Force OT&E Perspective, Dr. Marion L. Williams

Common Vehicle Instrumentation Initiative (CVII): An Introduction to the Future of Operational & Developmental Test Instrumentation, Mr. Bob Wolfinger

Acquisition Reform and Operational Test & Evaluation (OT&E): "First Steps Have The Biggest Impacts", Mr. Anthony J. Devino

Fitting Spiral Development to More Effective OT&E, Mr. Ray Smith

Artificial Evolution to Test and Challenge Complex Control Systems, Mr. John Scott

Network Centric Warfare - Digital Battlefield Data Collection & Analysis, Mr. Bob Thomson

How Do You Test an IT Service?, Mr. Peter D. Green and CAPT Thomas Frey

Effectiveness and Efficiency of SOVT as a Means to Demonstrate Interoperability, Mr. Michael Morris

Test and Training Enabling Architecture (TENA) The Foundation for DoD Range Interoperability, Mr. B. Gene Hudgins

Effectively Using (and Accrediting) Modeling and Simulation (Especially Hardware-In-The-Loop) for OT&E, Lt Col Seth D. Shepherd

Encroachment Impacts on OT&E of Advanced Weapon Systems, Mr. William Egan

High Performance Computing and the Test & Evaluation Community, Mr. Cray Henry

New Methods for Approaching OT&E MOEs and MOPs: Automated Generation of Measures of Effectiveness / Performance for Correlation in C4I Systems, Mr. Albert R. Crespo and Mr. Joe Discar

Integrated Survivability Assessment (ISA) for OT&E, Mr. Ron Ketcham and Mr. Dave Hall

Advanced Non Destructive Evaluation (NDE) In Support Of Combat Readiness, Mr. Simon Labbe and Mr. Wayne Weisner

A Structured Means for Early Estimation of Test Resources, Major Michael Rehg and LtCol Kevin Moore

AUTEC Minefield & Shallow Water Range (Berry Island Range) in Support of OT&E, Mr. Robert Reid

Quality Evaluation (QE) A Method for Independent Test and Evaluation of In-Service Munitions, Mr. Roger L. Swanson