5th Annual Science & Engineering Technology

Conference / DoD TEch Expo

21 - 23 April 2004

Files are in Power Point format. 

Table of Contents

The Defense S&T Budget and Investment Focus by Mr. Robert W. Baker

Combating  Terrorism Technology Support Office: Technical Support Working Group

Naval Science & Technology Tutorial by Captain Stephen Hancock

Navy Vision For FORCEnet To Support Joint Functional Capabilities by RDML(S) Betsy Hight 

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency Bridging the Gap by Dr. Robert F. Leheny

The Futures Center—Transforming  While at War by MG Robert Mixon

AFRL Technologies and Investments For New Capabilities by Maj Gen Paul D. Nielsen

Advanced Concept Technology Demonstration (ACTD) Demonstrating Advanced Capabilities to the Joint Warfighter (Examples of FCB’s at work) by Mr. Mark Peterson

USSOCOM: S & T Perspectives and Direction by Mr. Douglas J. Richardson

Composing  FORCEnet by RADM Ken Slaght

Army Science & Technology Investments for FY 2005 by Mr. Dennis Schmidt

Introduction to the Joint Capabilities Integration and Development System (JCIDS) by Major General Robin Scott

Defense Research and Engineering:  Technologies to Produce Joint Capabilities by Dr. Ronald M. Sega

Joint Capabilities Development Process: Impact on the PPBS by Mr. Alan R. Shaffer

The Air Force S&T Budget & Investment Focus by Col Mark Stephen 

Joint Concept Development and Experimentation Campaign Plan 2004-2011 Information Briefing by COL Anthony Tata

Army Technology Enablers and Investments for New Capabilities by Mr. Robert Zanzalari

Integrating Technology to the Joint Fight by Lt Gen Tom Hobbins

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