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2004 Tactical Wheeled Vehicles Conference
Monterey, CA
2-3 February 2004

Monday, 2 February 2004

Keynote Address, by The Honorable Claude M. Bolton, Jr., ASA(ALT)

HMMWV Recap Program, by GEN Paul Kern, US Army Materiel Command (AMC)

“TWV: Fixing the current fleet while preparing for the future”, by LTG C. V. Christianson, US Army Deputy Chief of Staff, G-4

Army National Guard, by MG Gerald Minetti, Deputy J4, Joint Chiefs of Staff

Where the Army Reserve is Heading, by MG Skip Philips, U.S. Army Reserve


State of the TWV Fleet, by BG(P) Brian I. Geehan, US Army Chief of Transportation

Current to Future Force, by LTG Benjamin S. Griffin. Deputy Chief of Staff, G-8

Technology for the Warfighter, “Our Most Precise Weapons System”, by MG John C. Doesburg, Commanding General, Research, Development, & Engineering Command (RDECOM)

Active Vehicle Safety:Advanced Vehicle Mobility and Stability Control, by Robert R. Arguelles, Continental Teves

JP-8 Fuelvs Advanced Emission Controls, by Kenn L. Sutton, Caterpillar

EMI in a Hybrid Electric World, by Steve Cortese, Manager Product Development, BAE SYSTEMS Platform Solutions

Hybrids on the Battlefield, by Gary Schmiedel, Oshkosh Truck Corporation

“No Easy Way Out”, A Soldier’s Perspective, by MAJ Lonardo

Tuesday, 3 February 2004

SWA LNO Overview, by MAJ Robert A. Bean, APM Force Provider & MAJ Samuel C. Homsy, DPM Construction Equipment/Materials Handling Equipment

Future of Tactical Wheeled Vehicles in the U.S. Army, by MG N. Ross Thompson III, Commanding General, Tank-automotive & Armaments Command (TACOM)

FTTS ACTD Update, by BG (P) Brian I. Geehan, US ArmyChief of Transportation