Conference Proceedings

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42nd Annual NDIA Targets, UAV's and Range Operations Symposium & Exhibition

16 - 19 November 2004

Charleston, SC

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Training The Way We Fight, MajGen Jon Gallinetti, USMC, Director Joint Force Trainer Commander, Joint Warfighting Center

Joint US/UK AQM-37 Supersonic Target Services, Mr. Steve Berkel, AQM-37 Project Coordinator

F-16 High Performance Test Support and Target Launch Services, Maj Wade Daughtry, ANG, DSE Branch Chief, 150th Fighter Wing

Supersonic Target Operations for Typhoon, Mr. Trevor Duggan, In Service Program Manager, ATS IPT

A Range Perspective of AQM37 Operations in the UK, Mr. Howard Warner, Range Manager, Qinetiq

Targets & UAVs Future Guidance and Navigation Systems, Mr. Ron D. Johnson, Market Segment Director, Honeywell Areospace Electronics

Fearless Fighters - UCAVs Come Of Age, Mr. Doug Fronius, Director, Target Programs and Special Projects, Northrop Grumman Corporation

Next-Generation Low Cost Targets, Dr. Roger Brum, President, Meggit Defense System

MA-31 Target System Update, Mr. Ken Braucksick, MA-31 Program Manager, The Boeing Company

Hydraulic Target Launcher for Sub-Scale Aerial Targets, Mr. Peter Letvin, University of North Dakota

East Coast Mobile Sea Range, CDR Mike Hohl, USN, Commander Fleet Forces Command


Thursday, November 18, 2004

Implications of a Changing Battlespace, Mr. Jim Smith, Vice President, Precision Engagement, Raytheon Missile Company

Pentagon Perspectives, Mr. Dennis Mischel, Target Systems Office (TSO), Director Operational Test and Evaluation (DOT&E)

Training Transformation, Mr John Walsh, Deputy Director, OSD Readiness & Training

Aerial Targets Status An OSD View, Mr. Rick Lockhart, Deputy Director, Developmental Test &Evaluation, OUSD(AT&L)

Operational Test& Evaluation Perspective, Mr. Thomas Blann, Acting Deputy Director for US Naval Warfare ODT&E

Hugh Harris Scholarship Commentary, Mr. Cort Proctor, Micro Systems, Inc.

Distinguished Guest Speaker: "Salute To Joint Warfighting", Mr. Thomas J. Robillard, SES-2, Director, Air-to-Air Missile Wing

U.S. Navy Target Programs, CAPT Rich Walter, USN, Program Manager, US Navy Aerial Targets & Decoys, PEO-W

Air Force Aerial Targets "Contributions to Transformation", Lt Col (select) Shaun House, Director, Aerial Targets Systems, Air Armament Center