Conference Proceedings

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Precision Strike Winter Roundtable 2004

"Global Military Strategy and Role of Precision Strike"

21 January 2004

Arlington, VA


Congressional Perspective, U.S. Senator Jim Talent, R-Missouri (Speech only, NO presentation)

Preemptive Action - When, How, and to What Effect, Elaine Bunn, Distinguished Fellow & Director of Future Strategic Concepts Program, Institute for National Strategic Studies, National Defense University

Military Strategy of the United States, RDML Richard W. Hunt, USN, Deputy Director for Strategy & Policy, The Joint Staff (J-5)

Global Strike Technology Strategy, Honorable Stephen M. Younger, Director, Defense Threat Reduction Agency

Global Strike, General Michael Moseley, USAF, Vice Chief of Staff of the Air Force (Speech only, NO presentation)

Sea Power 21, RDML (Sel) Joseph F. Kilkenny, USN, Head, Aircraft Carrier/Strike/Expeditionary Aviation Programs, CNO Staff

Congressional Roundtable-Priorities and Issues:

The Nation's Vision for the Army, General Kevin P. Byrnes, USA, Commanding General, U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command

Coast Guard's Vision for the Integrated Deepwater System, RADM Patrick M. Stillman, USCG, PEO Integrated Deepwater System, U.S.Coast Guard