2004 Munitions Executive Summitt

17-19 Feb 04
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Table of Contents

2004 Munitions Executive Summary Handout


Introduction by BG Paul Izzo, USA

Munitions Management by MG Wade H McManus, Jr., USA

Lessons Learned - Iraq - Ready Today?  by BG Michael Sumrall, USA

Service Perspective - Ready Today/Ready Tomorrow?

The Ammunition Enterprise-An Air Force Perspective by Col David Underwood, USAF, PEO

Navy Presentation -  by Mr. Joseph Lacamers, Jr NWSC, Indian Head

Ammunition Management Integrating Acquisition and Logistics by BG James Rafferty, USA, Acting CG JMC

The Munitions Industrial Base “Reshaping for Tomorrow” An Industry Perspective  by Mr. Nick Vlahakis

Capabilities Overview by BG (P) Kenneth Hunzerker, USA

FY2005 Defense Budget Perspectives by Mr. David Wilson, Mr. Don Masach, and Mr. Mac Riley

Industrial Base Management by Mr. Matthew Zimmerman

The Munitions Industrial Base Task Force by Mr. Rich Palaschak


SMCA PM's Acquisition Strategy Panel 

PEO Ammunition by Mr. Kevin Fahey

Combat Ammo System by COL Nathaniel Sledge, Jr., USA

Maneuver Ammunition Systems by Mr. Bill Sanville

Close Combat Systems by Mr. James Sutton

Aviation Rockets & Missiles PMO by MAJ Tim McRae, USA

The Health of the U.S. Defense Industry “In the Eye of a Perfect Storm by Pierre Chao

Ammunition Enterprise Excellence - Ready for Tomorrow?  by Mr. Bob Crawford

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