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AFCEE Analytical Chemistry Conference

17 - 18 August 2004


Tuesday, August 17, 2004

AF Environmental Restoration Transformation: Impact On Chemistry Program in 2004, Mr. Ed Brown, Air Force Center for Environmental Excellence (HQ AFCEE/ICM)

Advanced Mass Spectrometric Techniques for DOD Analytes of Interest, Richard Burrows, Severn Trent Laboratories

Data Validation, Dr. Vito D'Aurora, CH2M Hill

Tentatively Identified Compounds: Characterization and Data Usage Issues, Marilyn Hoyt, Bill Alsop, and Andrew Nelson

Kuwait - Integrating Geospatial IT Services with Laboratory Services, Kim Johnson, ASC and Kevin Kuluvar, E&E

Pilot Study: Automated Data Review of SEDD Files for AFCEE's Arctic Surplus Salavage Yard Removal Action Fairbanks, Alaska, Scott Denzer, Laboratory Data Consultants; Lisa McKenzie, Earth Tech; Anand Mudambi, EPA; Javier Santillan, AFCEE and Joseph F. Solsky, USACE

DoD Quality Systems Manual: Implementation and Future Directions, Jackie Sample, Chair EDQW, NAVSEA; William Batschelet, PhD, AFCEE; George Lee, PhD, AFIOH and Fred McLean, NAVSEA

The ACIL Environmental Laboratory Data Integrity Initiative (ELDII), Charles W. Carter, Ph.D., Severn Trent Laboratories

Perchlorate Review and Update, Pete Chapman, The Environmental Company, Inc. Charlottesville, VA

Improved Antimony Recoveries in Soil Matrices, Robert P. Di Rienzo, Jeffery S. Ward, and John T. Kershisnik, DataChem Laboratories, Inc.


Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Environmental Forensics A Closer Look: The Who, What, and When of Environmental Investigations

Quality Measurement of Non-Traditional Parameters, Patrick McLoughlin, Ph.D., Technical Director, Microseeps, Inc.

Representative Subsampling at the Laboratory: New Guidance From USEPA, Jeffrey C. Myers

Considerations for Data Validation, Ruth Siegmund, MWH

Review and Reporting of Chemical of Concern (COC) Concentration Data Under the TRRP Rule(30 TAC 350), Ann Strahl, Technical Support Remediation Division, TCEQ

AFCEE QAPP 4.0, William H. Batschelet, PhD, AFCEE/TDE