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3rd Tri-Service Power Expo & Conference

15-17 July 2003 
Table of Contents
  Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Tactical Electric Power DoD-Wide "Transformation" by Col. Mark Jones

DOD Project Manager - Mobile Electric Power by Col. Mark Jones

Batteries on the Battlefield by LTC LaTulip

Portable Direct Methanol Fuel Cell Power Supply/Battery Charger by Ms. Cecelia Cropley

Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Hybrid Electric Vehicles by Mr. Michael Gallagher

Marine Corps Fuel Cell Efforts by Mr. Michael Gallagher

Marine Corps Systems Command by Mr. Michael Gallagher

Marine Corps Hybrid Electric Vehicle Intentions by Mr. Michael Gallagher

In Pursuit of More Energy: Equipping our Armed, Security and Emergency Services by Mr. Tony Jeffery

Power from Plastic: How Electroactive Polymer "Artificial Muscles" will Improve Portable Power Generation in the 21st Century Military by Mr. Roy Kornbluh

Force Protection: Today's Reality by Mr. Ronald A. Torgerson

Predicting the Evolution of Advanced Power Generation Technologies in Mobile Power Applications by Mr. Paul Plahn

PAC-216/U AC Power Solution for SINCGARS by Mr. Edward J. O'Rourke

Reconnaissance Surveillance and Targeting Vehicles (RST-V) by Mr. Michael Byerly

Thermoelectric Generators for Defense Applications by Mr. Daniel Allen

Power for the Soldier: Small Engine Prospects by Mr. Roger Demler

Power Supplies for Tactical Transceivers by Mr. Eyal Halevy

Intelligent Power Management for Vehicles and Shelters by Mr. Toy Dowdell

AuraGen VIPER Underhood Mobile Power System by Mr. Ron Goldstein

Naval Aviation Battery Charges Since 1972 by Mr. James Fountain

Joint-Use U.S. Navy and Air Force Battery Maintenance Technical Order by Mr. Steven Barry

Tri-Service Power Expo Briefing by Mr. Steven Barry

Battery Prognostics for Enhanced Combat Vehicle Readiness and Reduction of Total Ownership Costs by Mr. Eddie C. Crow

Lightweight 2 kW Diesel-Powered, Electric Generator by Mr. Greg Cole

Energy Independence: How Fuel Cells Will Change the Energy Landscape & Military Operations by Mr. Scott Wilshire

Control Systems Vulnerabilities by Mr. Mike Burks

Portable Advanced PEM Fuel Cell Systems for Defense by Mr. Eric Simpkins

Power Sources at QinetiQ by Mr. Ian Whiting

Thursday, July 17, 2003

Renewable Energy Analyses for Stragic Responsivness 2 by Mr. Hugh Jones

Mobile Propulsion and Fixed Power Production with Near-Zero Atmospheric Emissions by Mr. Ron Bischoff

Mobile Propulsion and Fixed Power Production with Near-Zero Atmospheric Emissions by Mr. Ron Bischoff

"Harnessing the Power of Technology for the Warfighter" by Mr. Marvin Wilkerson

Lightweight Portable Power by Global Solar by Mr. Scot P. Albright

Mobile Power Utilizing Electromagnetics & Natural Energy Sources by Mr. Albert Hartman

Automatic Battery Test System Tim Pennock by Mr. Tom Pennock

Distance Support Tri- Service Power Expo & Conference Brief by Mr. Bruce Branham

High Pulse Power Lithium Ion Cells by B. Hellen

EPA’s Proposal for Nonroad Diesel Engines & Fuel by Mr. Bill Charmley

New Technologies for Emerging Threats: Virtual Community Evaluation Complex by Mr. G. Robert Kelly

HE HMMWV (XM1124) by Mr. Scott Doudna

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