2003 Interoperability & Systems Integration Conference

April 2003 

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Table of Contents

Tuesday, April 1, 2003

Interoperability and Systems Integration Conference by Dr. V. Garber

Joint Force Integration by Ms. Robin Quinlan

US Joint Forces Command Approach to Interoperability and Integration by Maj Gen Dan Dick

Joint Interoperability and Integration and Joint Battle Management Command and Control Overview by Mr. Derganc

Enabling Transformation Achieving Net-Centric Operations and Warfighting by Mr. John L. Osterholz

Wednesday, April 2, 2003

The Standards Community: ‘The New Way of Doing Business’ by Mr. Douglas A. Gregory

Advanced Concepts by Mr. Jon Armstrong

Intelligence Community Intelligence Community Communications Communications Architecture by Mr. William F. Dawson

Precision Engagement by Mr. Harry Disbrow

Homeland Security Information Sharing Architecture by William F. Dawson

Industry Viewpoints on Weapon Systems Interoperability & Systems Integration by Mr. Brian M. McKeon

Intelligence Community Intelligence Community Communications Communications Architecture by Mr. William F. Dawson

Frameworks, As Proven Tools for Functional Interoperability,Need Managed Evolution by Ms. Christine Reynolds

Innovating fora Safer World by Mr. Robert Stow

Interoperability by Vic Sweberg

Single Integrated Ground Single Integrated Ground Picture by Mr. Anthony Lisuzzo

Architectures and Infrastructures Enabling Net-Centric Warfare by Ms. Dawn Meyerriecks

Industrial View on Interoperability Issues by Mr. Manny Mora

Thursday, April 3, 2003

Executive Views on Interoperability by Mr. Bill Loftus

Global Combat Support System by Mr. Leon Spackman

Interoperability Testing of Systems of Systems by Mr. Denny Beaugureau

Using Enterprise Architecture To Improve Healthcare Delivery and Build Better Information Systems by Kelly

Enterprise Integration Enterprise Integration Challenges by Larabee

Joint Distributed Engineering Plant by Mr. Frank Holderness

Financial Management Modernization Program Financial Management Modernization Program by Ms. Catherine Y. Santana

Interoperability and System Integration Conference HRMS & FMMP by Ms. Norma St. Claire

Executive Views on Executive Views on Interoperabilityv by Mr. Mickael A. Mickael A. Flaa

Strategic and C3ISR Systems by Mr. George Wauer

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