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47th Annual Fuze Conference

8-10 April 2003

Table of Contents

Wednesday, April 9, 2003

Keynote Speaker by Mr. Anthony Kress

Precision Strike SPO by Ms. Wandia Siefke

Fuzing at Dahlgren by Mr. Scott Pomeroy

Weapon Fuzing / Safety & Arming Programs Overview NSWC / Indian Head Division by Mr. John E. Henderson

PEO Ammunition Overview by Mr. Kevin M. Fahey

TACOM - ARDEC Fuze Perspective by COL Michael G. Padgett

Second Environment Sensor For Tube Launched Non-Spun Munitions by Mr. John I Nickel

The M230 Self-destruct Fuze by Ms. Shala Strickland

Precision Enhancement build on a Multi Functional Fuze for 155 mm Artillery Munition Precision Enhancement build on a Multi Functional Fuze for 155 mm Artillery Munition by Mr. Karl Kautzsch

Design and Development of Micro Energetic Initiators (MEI) by Ms. Neha Mehta

Extended Range Guided Munition (ERGM) Safe & Arm Device and Height-of-Burst Sensor by Mr. Robert P. Hertlein

Air Bursting Munition for 40MMx53 Automatic grenade Launchers by Mr. Allan Buckley

Accelerated Test Program for the battery used in the M234 Self Destruct Fuze by Dr. Eric R. Bixon

The Army's Inductive Fuze Setter for Excallibur by Mr. Thomas W. Walker

Shock Testing of Surface Micromachined MEMS Devices by Ms. Michelle A. Duesterhaus

Remotely Controlled Underwater Minefields Discussion of Draft Safety Requirements by Mr. Jack Waller

Thursday, April 10, 2003

EX 437 Multi-Option Fuze for Navy by Mr. Chad D. Finch

MK 432 MOD 0 ET Fuze by Mr. Richard J. Bernstine

An Empirical Study of the M739A1 S&A Device Operational Range by Mr. Edward F. Cooper

Extending the Arming Distance of MOFA by Mr. Keith B. Lewis

XM784 and XM785 Electronic Time Fuze For Mortars (ETFM) by Mr. Anthony J. Pergolizzi

The Darwin Fuze by Mr. Michael A. Van Oostrom

Miniature Electronic Initiator by Mr. Marc Schmidt

Development of Battery Automation Equipment by Mr. Alex Hughes

The Interagency Advanced Power Group - A Vulnerable Resource by Mr. Allan B. Goldberg

The One In One Million Design Safety Requirement Revisited by D. H. Gladstone

HALT and HAST by Mr. Michael P. Connolly

Fuze Modeling in the Endgame Framework by Mr. Eric Scarborough

An Integrated Flight Termination Receiver Decoder An Integrated Flight Termination Receiver Decoder and Flight Termination Safe and Arm and Flight Termination Safe and Arm by Mr. Dale L. Spencer

Inductive Settable Electronic Time Fuze for Mortars by Mr. Michael K. Tucker

Air Bursting Ammunition Technology by Mr. Mike Hiebel

A Modular Systems Engineering Approach to Advanced Fuze Design and Development by Mr. Brett J. Helgeson

Fuzing for UK Precision Guided Bomb by Mr. Dave Pengilley

High Aspect Ratio Metal MEMS (LIGA) Technologies for Rugged, Low-Cost Firetrain and Control Components by Mr. John Rasmussen

PDSD DM431 German 40mm HV based on US M549 by Ingo Sahlmann / Frank Kienzler Gerd Jörg Giesler

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