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National Experimentation, Testing, Training, and Technology (NET3)
Conference & Exhibition

21-24 July 2003 
Table of Contents

Tuesday, July 22, 2003

PEO STRI Overview for National Experimentation, Testing, Training, and Technology (NET3) Conference by BG Stephen Seay, USA

Distributed Mission Operations by Col. David Votipka

Value of PATRIOT Embedded Data Recorded in Tactical Hardware (U) by Mr. George Williams

Vision by Dr. Samuel F. Harley

FCS Test and Evaluation Infrastructure Concept

Test & Training Enabling Architecture (TENA) by Mr. Keith Poch

Battlespace Environment Program Perspective by Mr. Walter Dickey

JMACA Joint Methodology to Assess C4ISR Architectures by CAPT. Roberta McIntyre

Next Generation Simulation Systems: Research Development and Engineering Center, Simulation Technology Center Supporting Army Transformation by Mr. John Hart

Battlespace Environment for Test and Evaluation Enabled by Enterprise Transformation by Mr. Dave Bond

Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Evaluation Strategy by MG Robert Armbruster

National Experimentation, Testing, Training, and Technology Conference : A Perspective on Life-Cycle Evaluations by Mr. David Duma

WHY ARE WE HERE by CAPT. Mark Yerkes

NET3 Conference FCS Training by Mr. James E. Shiflett

Luncheon Speaker by MG William Nance(Ret)

Information Assessment Test Tool (IATT) for IO/IW by Ms. Darrell Quarles

Advanced Distance Learning by Dr. Dheeraj Kohli

Prognostics "Pre-state of the Art Novelty" or a "Pig with a Watch" by Mr. Michael Dudzik

FMTV Systems Integration by Mr. Regis Luther

Embedded Instrumentation FY04 Broad Agency Announcement: An Opportunity to Shape Technology into Tomorrow’s T&E Capability

FCS Acquisition & Evaluation Teaming

Joint Cruise Missile Defense Joint Test and Evaluation JCMD JT&E by LTC(P) Paul McGuire

Thursday, July 24, 2003

Integrating Testing and Training Conflict or Synergy? by Maj. Gen. George B. Harrison, USAF (Ret)

Sharing Information and Emerging Technologies by Mr. Richard Healing

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