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3rd Annual CMMI Technology Conference & User Group

18-20 November 2003

Table of Contents

Tuesday, Nov 18, 2003

Plenary Session

Impact of CMMI® on Systems Engineering by Dev A. Banerjee

Fiscal Year 2003 Survey of Acquisition Project Managers by Mark Kasunic

CMMI® Today,,, the US Army Perspective by Dave Castellano

CMMI® Today,,, The Current State by Ron Paulson

CMMI® Today: The Current State by Bob Rassa

Next Generation Systems Engineering and CMMI by Mark Schaeffer

CMMI® The Current State by Gregory Shelton

Luncheon Speaker

3rd Annual CMMI® Technology Conference and User Group by Kent Schneider

Session C

Applying CMMI® Generic Practices with Good Judgment by Rick Hefner, Ph.D.

Staged or Continuous:Which Model Should I Choose? by Timothy G. Olson

A Process Framework for Enterprise-Wide Integration by Dave Walden

The Art Of Disciplined AND Agile Engineering Processes or How To Make CMMI Easy(er) by Mike Bernabe

"Two Steps Forward One Step Back: A New Dance Step Or Interpreting The CMMI Model" by Adrio DeCicco

A Project’s Tale: Transitioning From SW-CMM to CMMI-SE/SW by Warren Scheinin

Using Behavior Surveys for CMMI Process Deployment by Donna Freed

Automating Support for CMMI Level 5 Organizational Improvement by Dave Struble

CMMI® Appraisal Implementation Trends - Where are Appraisals Headed? by Paul D. Byrnes

Minimizing SCAMPI Costs via Quantitative Methods by Ron Ulrich and Rick Hefner

The SCAMPI Appraisal Method: Top Ten Misperceptions (V1103)

Interpretive Guidance Project: What We Know

Use of an Organizational Process for Corporate-Wide Process Improvement via CMMI® by John Evers and David Zeek

Use of CMMI in an Acquisition Context by Dr. Jack R. Ferguson

Session D

Life Cycle Considerations of the CMMI Model by Ben Berauer

Strategies for Applying the CMMI® to Software Maintenance by Paul R. Croll

Process Engineering: A Systems Approach to Process Improvement by Jeffrey L. Dutton

Implementing CMMI Improvements in a New, Large Diverse Organization. Problems, Solutions & Should Haves by Donna Voight and Rick Long

The Journey to CMMI Level 4 by Dr. Thomas F. Christian & Millee Sapp

Eight Steps to Success in CMMI®-Compliant Process Engineering: Strategies and Supporting Technology by Paul R. Croll

A Case Study of Transitioning:The CMMI Rosetta Stone

Process Maturity Profile CMMI® v1.1 SCAMPISM v1.1 Appraisal Results First Look

Moving To CMMI Level 4 (SW/SE/IPPD) by Sarah Bengzon

CMMI Benefits at Northrop Grumman Mission Systems by Rick Hefner and Dean Caccavo

Understanding the CMMI® Validation Process Area by Gary Natwick & Jim Cocci

Objective Evidence For Appraisals or 3782 easy steps to a successful SCAMPISM by Kent McClurg

Using the CMMI to Improve Contract Management by Gary Gumpright

SEISM Appraiser Program: Future Directions

Maintaining a SCAMPI A Rating using SCAMPI B&C by M. Lynn Penn

An Integrative Method for Appraising Modular Open System Maturity by Cyrus Azani

Visual Mapping of CMMI to Relevant Standards and Implemented Processes by Sandra Cepeda

Mapping TSPSM to CMMI® by Jim McHale

Transitioning from CBA-IPI to SCAMPI Appraisals: Lessons Learned by Fred Roberts

Wednesday, Nov 19, 2003

Session A

Applying the CMMI to Diverse Environments

Using CMMI to Balance Agile and Plan-driven Methods by Richard Turner

Adapting Small Projects Processes to CMMI by Ken Weinberg

Transitioning to CMMI from the SW-CMM: Shifting Gears from a Software Process Focus to a Project Management Focus by Brian Groarke

Project Management Strategies Hidden in the CMMI   by Rick Hefner

Measurement and Analysis: How Can I Optimize My Transition from CMM to the CMMI® by Gary F. Norausky

Transition from SW-CMM® to CMMI®: The Benefits Continue! by Joan Weszka

Session B

Integrated Implementation Of Process Documentation, Process Asset Library, And Project Tailoring by Steve Lacy

Acquiring Process Expertise and Tools: A Fact-Based Methodology

A Process Improvement Plan for a High Maturity (and Diverse) Organization by Alan Pflugrad


Implementing CMMI Improvements in a New, Large Diverse Organization. Problems, Solutions & Should Haves by Donna Voight and Rick Long

Quantitatively Measured Process Improvements at Northrop Grumman IT by Craig Hollenbach

CMMISM Transition at Motorola GSG

Key Business Indicator Trends During the Journey from SW-CMM Level 2 to CMMI Level 5 at Lockheed Martin Management & Data Systemsby Peter McLoone

Applying CMMI® Generic Practices with Good Judgment by Rick Hefner, Ph.D. & Geoff Draper

SEI SCAMPI B/C Project: A Partner’s Perspective by MR Larry McCarthy

An Effective and Efficient Approach to ARC C Appraisals by Madhu Parella, Janice Tauser, and Rick Hefner

Session C

Evolving a Measurement Program for Systems and Software Engineering Process Improvement

Quantitative Management A Paradigm Shift

Process Improvements Achieved From Using The CMMI Model: A Success Story At Raytheon’s SAS Engineering Organization by Adrio DeCicco

ProcessVelocity, LLP. CBA IPI® vs. SCAMPISM Appraisal Methods: Key Differences

To PIID or Not to PIID: Lessons Learned in SCAMPI Evidence Preparation

Impacts of the CMMI

Why Should I Switch to CMMI®? Initial Evidence about Impact and Value Added by Dennis R. Goldenson, Diane L. Gibson, and Robert W. Ferguson

Causal Analysis & Resolution (CAR) at Level 1 by Ralph Williams

Class B Appraisal Implemented Lessons Learned by Adrio DeCicco

Northrop Grumman IT Defense Mission systems Internal Appraisal System by Rafael Delgado

Product-Based Approach for CMMI® Appraisals by Gary Natwick & Geoff Draper

Using the CMMI in small Organisations by Stephen Fletcher

Preliminary Insights Working with CMMI in Small Organizations by SuZ Garcia

CMMI Implementation for Software at JPL by P. A. Trisha Jansma

Small Organizations are Different? by Martha I Johnson

Small / Low Maturity Organizations are Different by Raymond L. Kile

Session D

Peer Reviews for CMMI by Tom Cowles

Experiences with Leveraging Six Sigma to Implement CMMI Levels 4 and 5 by Jeff Facemire & Hortensia Silva

Estimating Effort for PPQA Using the Raytheon 6? Process by Donna Freed

Using Six Sigma to Achieve CMMI Levels 4 and 5  by Rick Hefner

The Key Ingredients by Peter Howard & Michael D’Ambrosa

When Any Road Won’t Do Project Scope Points the Way by Larry Fellows

Process and Tools for Mitigating Risks to Improve Maturity Level of CMM and Migrate to CMMI by Simon Milman

Implementing CMMI in a Biometrics Testing Laboratory by W. Grant Norman

What Have we Learned: Return-on-Investment from the SW-CMM by Khaled El Emam

Evidence about the Benefits of CMMI® What We Already Know and What We Need to Know by Joe Jarzombek

OUSD(AT&L) Systemic Analysis of Support Assessments by Kristen Baldwin & Scott Lucero

Evidence about the Benefits of CMMI®: What We Already Know and What We Need to Know by Dennis R. Goldenson

CMMI Impact: What we know; What we need to know by Terry Rout

Challenges and Opportunities for Process Excellence in the TYBRIN-TARIF Government-Embedded Contractor Team by Dave Blue

Panel: Challenges and Opportunities for Process Excellence in Government-Embedded Contractor Teams by Paul Croll

Army/Contractor Integrated Team: SED & SAIC by Dick Stutzke

Thursday, Nov 20, 2003

Session A

Practical Interpretation of Practices or Risk Based Process Improvement

Managing CMMI® as a Project by Richard Marks

One to Grow On

The Operational Test and Evaluation of the Products of a Defined Software Process by LT Alex Hoover

Experiences with a Single PA SCAMPIsm by Raymond L. Kile,

A service-based Business Process Improvement effort utilizing the CMM-I: by Martin Novak & Cathy Strabala

The Use of Tailored Practice Implementation Indicators for Process Definition and Assessment Preparation by Ben Berauer

Preparing for Your SCAMPI Appraisal

Lockheed Martin Aeronautics, Customer Support - CMM® Overview

Session B

Raytheon’s Six Sigma Process and Its Application for CMMI by Nancy Fleischer

Measurably Improving Your Requirements Based on the CMMISM by Tim Olson

Successful Verification and Validation Based on the CMMISM Model by Timothy G. Olson

The Acquirer’s Role In Process Improvement by Brian Groarke

Implementing Decision Analysis and Resolution in a Software Organization by Wendy Irion-Talbot

Developing the most appropriate Verification Strategy by Sandy Sweeney

A Program of Training for CMMI®-based Process Improvement by Gary Wolf

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