8th Annual Expeditionary Warfare Conference

21-23 October 2003 

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Table of Contents

Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Equipping the Future Force by Mr. Ronald D. Sugar

U. S. Coast Guard by Vice Admiral Thomas J. Barrett, USCG

Head, Amphibious Warfare by Captain Eugene O'Brien

Marine Aviation Transformation: A Naval Vision by BGen Samuel T. Helland

USMC-SOCOM Integration by Rear Admiral Albert M. Calland, III

Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Littoral Warfare Product Area Director by Dr. David P. Skinner

USAF Concept Development and Experimentation Update by Maj Gen Mike Gould

Marine Corps Joint Experimentation by Colonel Robert "Rooster" Schmidle

Tectonic Shifts In Joint Concept Development and Experimentation by Mr. Mr. Dave Ozolek

Joint Experimentation Session by Mr. Wayne Perras

Transforming Experimentation to Operational Capability by Mr. James W. Phillips

Session Keynote by Lieutenant General Edward Hanlon

Leveraging the Naval Sea Base by Brigadier General Phillip D. Coker

Operation IRAQI FREEDOM Implications for Seabasing by Col. Phillip Exner

Defense Science Board Task Force on Sea Basing by Dr. William Howard

Expeditionary Seabasing through the lens of the MPF(F) Analysis of Alternatives by R. M. Souders

Capabilities for Enabling Seabase Logistics by Mr. Stephen M. Michetti, Representing NSWC Team

Thursday, October 23, 2003

Naval Expeditionary Warfare Update by MAJGEN J. R. Battaglini

Naval Mine Countermeasures Vision by MajGen J.R. Battaglini

Sea Shield : Assured Access in the Littoral by CAPT Ray Spicer

PEO Ships by Mr. Arthur W. Divens

Emerging Concepts to Address SP21 Threats by Colonel Robert "Rooster" Schmidle

PEO Littoral and Mine Warfare by Mr. Jim Thomsen

CTF 56 OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM by Mr. Michael P. Tillotson

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