Conference Proceedings

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International Test & Evaluation Summitt & Exhibition

24 - 27 February 2003

Tuesday, March 25, 2003

T&E Transformation, The Honorable Thomas Christie

How T&E reduces defense programs risks: a French perspective, Lt. Gen Daniel Reydellet

Model for Knowledge-Based Acquisition Process, Bob Levin

The Mind of OPTEVFOR on T&E and Program Risk, RADM David M. Crocker

Understanding And Managing Chaotic T and E Results, Dr. T.W. Tucker


Wednesday, March 26, 2003

Changing Roles and Reducing Risks in Testing, The BattleSpace of the Future, RADM Charles "Bert" H. Johnston

The Army T&E Perspective, MG. Robert Armbruster

Crossfire Panel

System Engineering & Test and Evaluation, Mr. Steven Mendonca

Using M&S To Predict, Describe, Design and Execute Weapons Performance, Mr. Bruce Harris

Technologies for Efficient Certification (TEC),Dr. Kristina Langer and Dr. Donald Paul

Role of Modeling and Simulation in Reducing Risk in Test & Evaluation, Mr. Jude Tomasello

Testing and Evaluation of Emerging Systems in Nontraditional Warfare, Mr. William Schilling

A Methodology for Network Centric Electronic Attack Evaluation, Dr. Paul Wang, Mr. Mitchell Sparrow, Mr. Myron Greenbaum, Mr. Kenneth McKenzie, and Mr. Ami Patel


Thursday, March 27, 2003

Combined DT/OT, Good Idea for Oxymoron?, Dr. Jerome Rosenberger

Impact of Recent Study on Best Commercial T&E Practices, Mr. Raymond Pollard

Developmental Testing: Strengthending DT to Minimize Risk Later, Mr. Richard Lockhart

Using the Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) Approach to Design, Test, and Evaluate to Reduce Program Risk, Dr. Mark Kiemele

Center for National Response Operational Test and Evaluation Program, Mr. Johnathan Stewart and Ms. Allison Voight

Training System as Transformation Test Bed, Dr. Peter A. Young, Mr. Nicholas Guerra, and Mr. Gregory I. Story