Conference Proceedings

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Technical Information Division Annual Symposium

13 - 14 August 2003

New Orleans, LA

EIA HB-649 Status, Mr. Larry Bauer

Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) & EIA Standard 859, Mr. Michael Campe


Data Management and the CMM/CMMI:Translating Capability Maturity Models to Organizational Functions, Ms. Cynthia C. Hauer

Principles-Based Data Management Creating Expectations Through Consistency

Beyond EIA-859:The Next Five Years for Data Management Institutionalizing the New DM

Creating the Competitive Edge: Integrating & Measuring Maturity of Processes, Donett Murphy


Back to Basics, Mr. David L. Presuhn


Configuration Management "The Cookbook Approach", Mr. Gaston A. Ray

Software Life Cycle Processes

Guidelines for Process Integration & Product Improvement

Configuration & Data Management, Mr. Gaston A. Ray

Capability Maturity Model Integration CMMI, Mr. Hal Wilson