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38th Annual Gun, Ammunition, and Missiles Symposium

24 - 27 March 2003

Tuesday, March 25, 2003

OSD Keynote: Mr. Anthony Melita

U.S. DoD Insensitive Munitions Program, Mr. Anthony Melita

Insensitive Munitions, Evolving Technology to Meet Emerging Threats, Mr. Danny Brunson

Guns and Ammunition, Missiles and Guns and Ammunition, Missiles and Rockets, Mr. Dave Broden

Armament Division Strategic Discussion Topics Armament Division Strategic Discussion Topics, Mr. Dave Broden

TMAS Vision

5-Inch Shotgun Projectile (KE-ET), Mr. Luke Steelman

Development of an Ultrasonic Inspection System for the 120MM Case Base, Mr. Art Skeates

FCS Multi-Role FCS Multi-Role Armament and Ammunition ATD Armament and Ammunition ATD (MRAAS) (MRAAS) Guns & Ammunition Symposium Guns & Ammunition Symposium, Mr. Charlie Cording

Long Range Conventional Artillery Ammunition, Mr. David Pride


Wednesday, March 26, 2003

Shipboard Magazine Temperatures, Ms. Susan Peters, Mr. John P. Norton, and Mr. Jason R. Budd

25/40mm AirBurst Simulator / Trainer Technology, Mr. Mike Dillon and Mr. Don Dillard

Physics Based Modeling of Recoil Dynamics for Light Vehicle Mounted Cannons, Dr. David Rutledge

Performance of Kinetic Energy Projectile - Numerical and Experimental Study, Mr. Moshe Arad

New Army XM1002 TPMP-T Cartridge Design New Army XM1002 TPMP-T Cartridge Design Performance Assessment and Selection Performance Assessment and Selection Process, Mr. Roger Peterson and Mr. John Kostka

Projectile Kinetic Energy Reduction System Development by Rapid Prototyping, Mr. Thomas C. Welty

Infraed Tracer for Ammunition, Mr. Guy Henry

The Fabrication of Functionally Graded Energetic Materials Using Twin_Screw Extrusion, Mr. Frederick Gallant and Hugh A. Bruck

Moisture Resistant Black Powder Substitute and Its Application as Center-Perforated Pellets in Mortar Ignition Cartridges, Mr. Gary Chen and Mr. Reed Blau

Eliminating Propellant Bag Deteriorization for M67 Propellant Charge, Ms. Adriana Eng

Adaption of an M67 Recoilless Rifle to Fire Water Slugs, Mr. david C. Smith

40MM MK19 Non-Lethal Munition, Mr. Frank Dindle

Investigation into Penetration Performance of the M789 HEDP Cartridge, Mr. Jim Roth and Mr. Richard Schrum

Medium Caliber Laser Ignition, Mr. John Hirlinger

Non-Leth Requirements for Naval Forces, Mr. Andrew Bradick

ALACV Program Status, Mr. Gary Moshier

Air Bursting Ammunition Technology, Mr. John Timmerman and Mr. Bob Becker

Propelling System for Super 40mm ALACV AirBurst Munition, Mr. Don Dillard

Air Burst for 40MM x 53 Automatic Grenade Launchers, Mr. Pierre Freymond and Mr. Allan Buckley

Presentation of the Presentation of the BOFORS 3P and OFORS 3P and System System Concept, Mr. Michael boren


Thursday, March 27, 2003

The Rapid Airborne Mine Clearance System (RAMICS) Approach to Entering Flight Test, Mr. Alan Jenkins

RAMICS, Mr. Thomas K. Harkins

Organizational Climate FCS Multi-role Armament and Ammunition ATD Secondary Armament System for FCS, Mr. Richard Ceikurs

M230 LF Chain Gun Development, Mr. James Lamb

Metal Storm, Very-Close in Ship Defense (VCSD)

ONR Advanced Gun Barrel Technologies Program, Mr. David Heim

Panel Discussion: Integrating Gun Systems and Missiles for Complementary Capability

Guns, Missiles, and Guns, Missiles, and Munitions, Col. Michael Beasock

Missiles & Guns An FCS Perspective, Dr. Ingo W. May

Verifying Performance of Thermobaric Materials for Small to Medium Caliber Rocket Warheads, Mr. Chris Ludwig

Advanced Propulsion Concepts for the HYDRA-70 Rocket System, Mr. Eric J Hawley

MK 66 Rocket Motor/Helicopter Compatability Program, Mr. Eric J. Hawley

Smart Munition / Advanced Rocket (SMARt) Launcher, Mr. Kenneth B. Johnson and Mr. Chris Melkonian

Exploring the Possibilities Exploring the Possibilities of a Naval of a Naval Electromagnetic Rail Gun Electromagnetic Rail Gun, Mr. Roger Ellis

CTA International

PEO Ammunition

Low Cost Course Correction (LC3) For Mortars Information Briefing, Mr. Philip J. Magnotti, Mr. Jim Terhune, and Mr. George Barnych

MRAAS CTA MP Cartridge Pressure Wave Mitigation Effort MRAAS CTA MP Cartridge Pressure Wave Mitigation Effort, Mr. Sam Lafontaine adn Mr. Sam Manole