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Armaments for Full Spectrum Warfare Conference & Exhibition

23 - 25 June 2003

Parsippany, NJ

Tuesday, June 24, 2003


Army Science & Technology - Accelerating the Pace of Transformation, Dr. Marilyn M. Freeman

Emerging Lessons From Operation Iraqi Freedom, COL (P) James Chambers

Technology Solutions for a Full Spectrum Force: Agile Development, COL Tom Stautz

PEO Soldier: Armaments for Full Spectrum Warfare, Col. (P) James Moran

Future Combat Systems, Col. Russell Hrdy

Reflections on OPERATION ANACONDA, Col. (P) Francis J. Wiercinski

The FCS LSI Perspective on Army Transportation, Col. Wilfred "Bud" Irish

Ammunition for Full Spectrum Warfare and Managing DoD's Ammunition Industrial Base, BG Paul Izzo


Wednesday, June 25, 2003

Counter-Insurgencies thru Smaller Scale Contingencies & Urban Operations, Mr. Tyrus (Ty) R. Cobb, Jr.

The Stryker Brigade and Small Scale Contingencies, SGM Ralph Kluna

Operation APOLLO: Canadian Observations on Operations in Afghanistan February - July 2002, Major Thomas Bradley

A Co 4-31 Squad Ops and the War on Terror

Snipers & Observers Current Operations Looking Towards the Future, MSG Mark Carey

Small Arms and Shoulder Fired Munitions, CPT Keith Singleton

PROJECT METROPOLIS: USMC Stability And Security Operations (SASO) in the Urban Environment

UK IST & FIST programs, Mr. Richard Smith

OFW Operational Concepts, Mr. John H. Northrop

Structure & Role of the New RDE Command (Prov) in Developing & Fielding of Advanced Armament Systems, MG John Doesburg

Supplying Advanced Armament Systems, Mr. Michael P. Devine

Armaments for Full Spectrum Warfare: Advanced Technology Programs and Opportunities for Lethality Enhancements, Mr. Mike Bolon

Armaments for Full Spectrum Warfare: Technology Enablers for the Future (Lethality Focus), Mr. Bill Chen

Armament Technology for the Future, Mr. Anthony Sebasto

Lethality on Today's Battlefield, Mr. Geza Pap