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2nd Annual CMMI Technology Conference and User Group

11-14 November 2002 

Table of Contents

Tuesday, November 12, 2002

CMMI: A Knowledge Infrastructure by Stephen E. Cross, Software Engineering Institute, Carnegie Mellon University

State of CMMI: Improving Processes for Better Products by Bob Rassa and Clyde Chittister, Carnegie Mellon University

Using CMMI with Defense Acquisition Providing a Framework for Achieving Desired Outcomes by Joe Jarzombek, Systems Engineering Directorate, Office of the Under Secretary of Defense (AT&L)

OSD Def Systems/Systems Engineering Update by George Desiderio, OSD

Session 1B1 - CMMI Applications Part 1

Interpreting CMMI SM for Operational Organizations by Brian Gallagher, Carnegie Mellon University

Using CMMI to Determine Development Constraints at the Social Security Administration by Lisa Markowski, Social Security Administration

Session 1B2 - CMMI Appraisals Part 1

How Mature is Your Appraisal Team? by Dr. Rick Hefner, TRW

Standard CMMI SM Appraisal Method for Process Improvement (SCAMPI Version 1.1) by Dennis Ring, Lynn Penn and Bob Weiser, Lockheed Martin

Lessons Learned on Cooperative Government/Industry Appraisals aka Registered Appraisals by Melanie G. Benhoff, Integrity Applications, Inc.

Session 1B3 - Transitioning to CMMI Part 1

Business Value and Customer Benefits Derived from High Maturity by Alan Pflugrad, Northrop Grumman

Establishing the Business Case for Process Improvement: Early Successes in a Government Organization The TARIF Process Improvement Experience by Dave Blue, NAVAIR and Donna Voight, Natural Systems Process Improvement, Inc.

CMMI SM and the Bottom Line Briefing and Article by Jeffrey L. Dutton, Jacobs Sverdrup

Wednesday, November 13, 2002

Session 2A1 - CMMI Applications Part 2

Using CMMI for COTS-Based Systems by Barbara Tyson, Lisa Brownsword and Cecilia Albert, Carnegie Mellon University

Using CMMI SM/SS to Manage COTS & MOTS Software by Tim Olson, Quality Improvement Consultants, Inc. (QIC)

Incorporating Systems Engineering Using CMMI to Bring Disciplines Together by Jane Moon, Raytheon

Lessons Learned from Use of the Continuous Appraisal Method (CAM) for Transition to CMMI by Joan Weszka, Lockheed Martin Missions Systems

Session 2A2 - CMMI Appraisals Part 2

SCAMPI B & SCAMPI C Methods: Initial Design Concepts and Project Status by Will Hayes and Gene Miluk, Carnegie Mellon University

CMMI SM Mini-Assessments by Gary Natwick, Harris Corporation

CBA IPI with SW-CMM1.1 and SCAMPI with CMMI - SE / SW / IPPD / SS 1.1 back to back: were we crazy or what??? by Richard Basque, Alcyonix

Efficient Appraisals by S. Wayne Sherer, U.S. Army TACOM-ARDEC

Efficient Appraisals-It’s All in the Planning! by Melanie Benhoff, Integrity Applications, Inc.

Efficient Appraisal Techniques by Joseph F. Morin, Integrated System Diagnostics, Inc.

Efficiency Topics by Bob Weiser, Lockheed Martin

Session 2A3 - Transitioning to CMMI Part 2

CMMI What a Difference a Sponsor Makes! by Ann Turner, Raytheon Company

A Business Case for CMMI SM-Based Process Improvement by Dave Walden, General Dynamics

CMMI SM Transition in a Commercial Environment by Larry McCarthy, Motorola CMMI Working Group

A TSP SM Roadmap to CMMI SM Implementation by Jim McHale, Carnegie Mellon University

Session 2B1 - Practical Guidance Part 1

Using SCAMPI to Measure Organizational Capability by Lee S. Gardner, AFFTC/ITXP, Edwards AFB and David Dayton, OO-ALC/MASEA, Hill AFB

Using CMMI to Improve Earned Value Management by Paul Solomon, Northrop Grumman Integrated Systems

Integrated Class C Process Appraisals (ICPA) by Kent S. McClurg, Raytheon Company

Best Practice Information Aids for CMMI SM-Compliant Process Engineering by Paul R. Croll, Computer Sciences Corporation

Session 2B2 - CMMI Appraisals Part 3

Experiences with Indicator-Based Appraisals Panel by Geoff Draper, Harris Corporation

Experiences with Indicator-Based Appraisals: TRW by Dr. Rick Hefner, TRW

Experiences with Indicator-Based CMMI Appraisals at Raytheon by Jane Moon, Raytheon

Experiences with Indicator-Based Appraisals by Marvin Carr, Lockheed Martin Mission Systems

Session 2B3 - Transitioning to CMMI Part 3

Culture transition to CMM-Integrated: The gold is at the end of the rainbow by Bryan Pflug, The Boeing Company

Transitioning to CMMI SM: Another Fork in the Road on our Unending Journey by Millee Sapp, USAF

Process Improvement Initiative Integration - PI3 by Michael Bernabe, Boeing Integrated Defense Systems

Work Product-based Tracing Between CMM Models by Steven R. Ligon, SAIC

Thursday, November 14, 2002

Session 3A1 - Practical Guidance Part 2

Strategies for Successfully Implementing CMMI and Six Sigma by Mike Sturgeon and Louise Mudd, TRW

Integrating CMMI into the Enterprise by Dan Nash and David Zeek, Raytheon

Use of Competency Guidelines to Address CMMI GP 2.5 by Mary E. Howard, Raytheon

Causal Analysis and Resolution: A Business Driver at All Levels by Gary F. Norausky, ProcessVelocity, LLP

Session 3A2 - Building on the Framework

Implementing Process Improvement Using CMMI, An Acquirer’s Perspective by Jerry Miatech, Clinical Information Technology Program Office

SA-CMM and the CMMI sm A Comparison by John Marciniak, SEI

TACOM-ARDEC Software Enterprise (SWE) CMMI Based Process Improvement by S. Wayne Sherer, TACOM-ARDEC

INTEGRITY ASSURANCE: Extending the CMMI SM & iCMM for Safety and Security by Linda Ibrahim, Federal Aviation Administration; Joe Jarzombek, Office of the UnderSecretary of Defense and Matt Ashford, Australian Defence Material Organisation

Session 3A3 - Transitioning to CMMI Part 4

New CMM Math by Jack Ferguson, SEI and M. Lynn Penn, Lockheed Martin M&DS

Transitioning a Merged Organization to CMMI and a New OSSP by Dr. Randy Walters, Northrop Grumman Information Technology

Transitioning to CMMI in a Government/Industry Partnership Environment by Dr. Thomas Christian, Chris Moore and Jerry Watts, WR-ALC

Using Pilots to Assess the Value and Approach of CMMI Implementation Paper and Briefing by S. Godfrey, J. Andary and L. Rosenberg, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Session 3B1 - Practical Guidance Part 3

Applying Goal-Driven Measurement to CMMI to Implementation by Jennifer Simmons, Integrated System Diagnostics, Inc.

How to Practically Improve Your Requirements Process Using the CMMI SM Framework by Tim Olson and Dennis Beeson, Quality Improvement Consultants, Inc. (QIC)

Session 3B2 - Impact of CMMI

CMMI and Agile Processes: Can’t we all just get along? by Joe Jarzombek, OUSD(AT&L) and Richard Turner, The George Washington University

CMMI Impact on Higher Education by Dr. Richard Turner, OUSD(AT&L)

Session 3B3 - CMMI and Others

Software Product Lines: Capitalizing on Your Process Improvement Investment by Lawrence G. Jones and Linda M. Northrop, SEI

Enabling System-of-Systems Capabilities Via Modular Open System Maturity Model by Cyrus Azani, TRW

CMMI and the Balance of Discipline and Agility by Barry Boehm, USC

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