[NOTE: The conference (as described below) is beginning its planning soon. If you have any recommendations or would like to volunteer, please e-mail Otto Miller on the internet `ottom@ucia.gov'. Thank You]

Meeting minutes for July 18, 1996

Jim Spitznas, acting CCTWG chair opened the meeting at 0930 hours and welcomed the attendees. Jim reviewed the agenda and asked attendees to introduce themselves.

Fall Human and Organizational Issues Conference Planning

Jim explained all the changes of dates and based on the last communication from Mike Davis it will be 24 October 1996. Much discussion followed. Needs for more than human and organizational issues were identified. The final outcome was the following:
  1. Day 1: DIA Industry Day (to include collaborative computing technology) hosted at the DIAC. This exposition allows vendors to demonstrate current and soon to be available offerings to consumers, and addresses one of JIVA's requirements. The target audience for this day are information technology managers and engineers planning collaboration initiatives.
  2. Day 2: Current Government Initiatives. This conference will allow others in the community to hear the various initiatives and plans underway from government organizations across the Intel DoD communities. It is hoped that past projects (including successes and failures), current activities, planned initiatives and lessons learned will be presented from a wide variety of government organizations from across the communities. The target audience for this day are information technology managers and engineers planning or implementing collaboration initiatives.
  3. Day 3: Human and Organizational Issues. This day will focus on management issues for exploitation, production, dissemination and training managers preparing to implement computer supported collaboration technology within their organizations. The target audience for this day are requirements, exploitation, production, dissemination and training managers (all levels) planning for collaboration initiatives.

Virtual Crisis Center Demo

Melissa Ord demonstrated NSA's Virtual Crisis Center. She explained how they had re-engineered the process from approximately 30 hours to 10 minutes to establish a new crisis center.

Organizational Updates

Due to limited time and other valuable discussions, only the NEL gave an organizational update (Include slides)... During the NEL's presentation, there was much discussion on the difficulties associated with evaluating and procuring collaborative computing hardware and software given the rapid pace at which vendors are releasing new products.

Virtual Lab Lessons Learned

Mike Mlynarczyk and a colleague presented some lessons learned from NSA's efforts to broadcast the Exploitation Technology Symposium (ETS) 1996 from NRaD to the east coast. The CIO has all the information for full documentation. Given the video was not compressed the ETS video stream consumed T-1 bandwidth. One of the beneficial outcomes of the Virtual Lab activities is that it has pushed all of the organizations computer security offices to work together for common accreditation.

Future Meetings:

No August meeting! 26 September possibly hosted at the ISMC. 24 October meeting will need to be rescheduled if that is the date of the fall conference. There will be a conference planning meeting in August with representatives from JIVA, NEL and NSA.

Meeting Attendees:

DIA/JIVA: Lt. Col. James Riggins

JDISS: Dave Bishop

MITRE: Steve Brown (CMS/ISS), Nancy McCarley (ONI)

NPIC/NEL: Jim Spitznas, Otto Miller

NRaD: Peter Donich

NSA: Melissa Ord, Mike Mlynarczyk

Others: Deb Dunaway