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Meeting minutes for June 27, 1996

Kim opened the meeting at 0910 hours and welcomed the attendees. Kim reviewed the agenda and asked attendees to introduce themselves.

Organizational Updates

ONI (Imagery shop)--Nancy McCarley--representing JICPAC & ONI--JIC was scheduled to be MCM Beta site). Looking CVW for low cost per desktop.

DIA--Frank Quick is supporting Phil Roberts counter-proliferation group at DIA. They work with the chemical folks at NGIC and want to use CVW to join chemical and DIAC folks together. CM issues are resolved for DIAC on the use of CVW. NGIC now has CVW. (Robert Vernon @ NGIC is POC). CVW deployments to SOCOM (~15 July) and CENTCOM (?) are planed. Frank has talked to Peter Spellman about implementing white pages and yellow pages to have a directory of on-line CVW expertise. CVW operates on dedicated workstations on JWICs so no need to go through firewalls. If you want to connect to an internal LAN via JWICS, there would be a firewall and performance issue.

CVW--Jane Mosier from Mitre. CVW V2.7 (due in two weeks) will include a document server, basic collaborative editing. JAVA-based client is coming.

NSA--Mike Davis. Three collaborative pilot projects underway: 1) Inter-office 2) intra-office and 3) inter-agency with DIA. Melissa Ord--Trying to impelment multi-media services to analysts in the NSOC.

Put in slides

Break then VTC with Peter.

Collaborative Computing Projects at NSA

get slides internal and external Intra-Office, Inter-Office and Inter-Agnecy. Organizations are very anti-collaboration due to cultural reasons. Goals are efficiencies in reporting, production, and management and to use tools to learn how to manage collaborations. They are looking to reduce management via collaboration, since peer to peer collaboration should increase without up and down management involvement. The efficiencies are hard to measure. Collaboration tools will most likely slow production at first, due to learning curve. Analysts are dedicated to project and there is high level management commitment, so should be successful. Groups must be small to start, to compare with traditional means. The pilots will keep text interactions of collaborations. Kim suggested talking to NEL about how to design comparison. Most analysts are linguists and therefore work alone, so culturally do not see collaboration as effiecient, but will help produce better product. Analysts do not want video. They want collaborative document editing, text exchanges captured, and they want to know what docs are in production. Shared applications and audio are useful. Internet is intimidating, so real technology hurdle too. Not ready for CVW there. Good senior management and infrastructure support. Possible video tape of efforts but still evaluating this effort.

NPIC-USGS Collaboration Baseline Results

Problems sending charts to Peter@NRaD. Evaluation at the NEL. View the slides at your leasure.

Organization & Human Factors Issues

Jane Mosier - get softcopy slides get Jane's definition of ethnography. Get audio if possible!

Fall Conference Planning

Kim discussed the need to identify the target audience and focus. she suggested a theme of "Applying Collaborative Technologies to Maximize Intelligence Production." Possible format could be a morning session aimed at users to discuss what is the technology, issues, case studies; afternoon session aimed at technologists to discuss where the technology is, issues, case studies. all would focus on human and organizational issues. CCTWG members will bring ideas to next CCTWG meeting on 18 July at NSA. Mike Davis will lead discussion. If you would like to help Mike plan this conference, please contact him at 301/688-7924. We also discussed a public place vs Mitre. Mitre's only available date in October is 18 Oct which is a Friday. Davis ph+email to Peter Donich. JDISS MCM users mentioned as possible case studyCSCW conference is in November and need to consider that if we slip to November.

Meeting closed at 1240 by Kim.

Future Meetings:

18 July NSA ( Melissa Ord +1-301-688-5065), No August meeting, 26 September (@ISMC?) Oct - Nov Conf

Meeting Attendees:

MITRE: Frank Quick (ISS, DIA, NGIC), Steve Brown (CMS/ISS), Dan Woyke (CMS/ISS), Jane Mosier, Nancy McCarley (ONI)

CIA: Richard Heath DI/OWTP

NPIC/NEL: Kim Walls, Jim Spitznas, Otto Miller, Andy Greenberg, Mike Schmidt, Gene Sudikas, Geoff Kordell, Tamra Hall

DIA/JMIC: Mary Ann Cline

NSA: Melissa Ord, Mike Davis

NRaD: Peter Donich (VTC)