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Meeting minutes for May 23, 1996

Kim opened the meeting at 0905 hours and welcomed the attendees. Kim reviewed the agenda and asked attendees to introduce themselves.

Organizational Updates


--Josie Ferraioli is the MCM project lead within JDISS PMO. MCM is a collaboration environment that operates on a JDISS workstation over JWICS.

--Jeff Handy is also a rep to DISA's MultiMedia Working Group and is providing requirements. If CCTWG members has any requirements to discuss or submit, talk with Jeff.

--Dave Bishop said MCM is also working with the DII MultiMedia Working Group. He also said they are represented on the Video Intelligence Working Group and NITF panels.

--Lorraine Ryan is building JDISS home pages at both the Secret and SCI levels on Intelink

--Roger Nichol provides comms and engineering support


--Bob Ryan said they are working ATM to the desktop. They are using CVW with SOUTHCOM and NAIC/Dayton using JWICS as the backbone. They would like to ride an ATM backbone to improve performance like NSANet


--Esther Rhode is the program manager for CVW, Collaborative Virtual Workspace which is being used by some CCTWG members.

--George Parton is working on multicasting and tunneling. Call him with any questions.


--Melvin Barnes is the NSA rep to JIVA at DIA and will be attending future meetings. They are trying to set up a virtual architecture between the JIVA PMO and CIO @ NSA


--Mike M. said that collaboration activities have been consolidated at NSA into the Office of Enterprise Computing (Q641), Database and Media Access Technologies, Collaboration and Visualization Team. Recently they've worked to rebroadcast ETS to the East Coast and will be presenting lessons learned at the July CCTWG meeting. They are also typing to pull in lessons learned from the entertainment community.

--Mike Davis (A9) discussed his efforts to get a pilot collaboration project underway between NSA and CIA and some of the hurdles. He will also give a presentation at the July CCTWG meeting on his activities.


--Kim Walls discussed her proposal to form a Virtual Collaboration Technology Center that would coordinate and manage collaborative computing activities across the Intelligence and DoD Communities. She has been meeting with the JIVA program office and the Community Management Staff on this proposal as well as achieving coordination within CIA. She will keep the group posted on developments. In addition, the new chair of the IEB, Bob Johns, has asked Kim to put together a "program plan" for CCTWG activities for FY97 and present at the 11 July IEB. Once Kim has a draft, she will be sending out to CCTWG members for review. The NEL will provide updates on its projects at the next CCTWG but all projects are ongoing.


Jeff Handy from ONI/JDISS/MCM provided an overview of the MCM tool. Slides are attached.

--Key points included:

--MCM has a central API and runs on JDISS 12.0. Modular design, standards-based (e.g., APIs, hardware independent)

--Costs for MCM are $6K for Parallax video board--audio and data collaboration are free

--Comms limitations are 32KB for audio, data, 256K for audio/video, and data

--Displaying Predator video from Hungary

Susan Symington from Mitre provided a tutorial and current status of multicasting. Briefing slides are available.

--Key points included:

--Multicasting save bandwidth and network to host

--Sends data to defined user group

--Works on Ethernet, hardware performs filter, free on LAN, works on IP, ATM network

--Status--IP Multicast--use on MBONE--very well established; ATM Multicast--still maturing, no group addressing, defining routing protocols; IP over ATM Multicast--proprietary solutions, emerging standards

Rob Mintoyne from DISA briefed on the DISN program office and new developments. If you would like to contact him to determine what networks and bandwidth are available to support a collaboration activity between organizations, you can contact him at 703/681-0313. Slides are attached.

--Key points included:

--Goal is DISN broadband on demand. Serve as transport mechanism for DII (telecomms network)

--Started in 1990, established SIRPNET, NIPRNET. In 1994 directed to become warfighter focused.

--Architecture matches DoD structure--components are sustaining home base block, long haul block, and deployed forces block. DISA also responsible for comms integration task between each block.

Future Meetings:

The 27 July meeting be will be at MITRE, Washington Bldg, Tysons Corner area. It will focus on human factors and organizational issues. The agenda is:

0830-0930 Welcome, Introductions, Organizational Updates

0930-1000 Collaborative Computing Project at NSA (Mike Davis)

1000-1020 Results of Pilot NPIC-USGS Collaboration Project (Andy Greenberg)

1020-1030 Break

1030-1200 Discussion of Organizational and Human Factors Issues Based on CVW Experience (Jane)

1200-1230 Plan for Fall Organizational and Human Factors Conference at NSA

The July meeting will be hosted by NSA. Date: 18 July, 0900-1200. POC is Melissa Ord, 301/688-5065.

Send clearances to NSA. Contact Heather at 301/688-5107 to submit Visitor Notification. She will need full name, social, place and date of birth, and whether or not you require parking (provide state and tag number). Please meets at Gatehouse 2B and you will be escorted to meeting room (3W083/Ops Building)

July agenda will include demos and discussions of NSA collaborative computing projects including the Crisis Action Center and lessons learned from Virtual Lab.

No CCTWG meeting will be held in August. The 26 September meeting may be hosted by the ISMC--Intelink Support Management Center.

Meeting Attendees:

CIA: Stephen Buchanan

ISMC/NSA: Sharon Bailey

JDISS: Jeff Handy, Lorraine Ryan, Dave Bishop, Josie Ferraioli, John Newell, Roger Nicol

MITRE: Steve Brown, Esther Rhode, Bob Ryan (representing SPACECOM), George Parton

NPIC/NEL: Kim Walls, Otto Miller

NRaD/DARPA: Peter Donich

NSA: Mike Mlynarczyk, Mike Davis

NSA/DIA: Melvin Barnes