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Meeting minutes for April 26, 1996

Kim opened the meeting at 0910 hours and welcomed the attendees. Kim reviewed the agenda and asked attendees to introduce themselves.

Results of Desktop Interoperability Conference

Kim spoke success of the conference. We had over 300 attendees and 68 vendors. Numerous people spoke of the quality of the speakers and the content. Our Internet URL: `http://www.dtic.mil/ieb_cctwg/'. Many conference proceedings will be posted on this home page--stay tuned as we are working our file conversion procedures. 16-17 April, 1996 has been planned for next years conference due to the success of this conference. The CCTWG is soliciting ideas and suggestions for next year.

A reminder that the Intelink Industry Days are 18-20 June 1996 at the Department of State Bill Brindley is POC. An afternoon session dealing with collaboration technologies is planned.

Organizational Updates

ONI JDISS (included some CVW discussion)--JDISS Requirements (vision) document presented for comment. Phase I, is what is fielded. Phases II & III are being worked. Contact Jeff Handy. MCM program has bee in contact with MITRE CVW development team. JDISS PMO will be proposing MCM changes based on technical exchange 18 April, 1996. MCM has been working with UAV programs. MCM is part of the CIO tools insertion effort. Participating in video working groups. Kim explained why these requirements were presented and plans for proposing a Virtual Collaboration Technology Center to tie together collaborative computing activities together across Intel and DoD communities. Questions on how did CVW get folded in. MITRE CVW was internal research program. Unique properties that attracted the eyes of ISS. CMS/ISS approach is to try it and see what happens. Used by applying to pilot Space Production. DIA trying it in different environment to address proliferation issues. CVW is not intended to be commercial product or compete with commercial products. Use lessons learned not tool directly. Steve Brown. CVW intent is to driveout issues and requirements.

CIA Doug Dickey, Intelink available to the desktop. Policy is preventing addtional collaboration services. Alot of users are asking policy be changed to allow additional services.

MITRE Steve Brown, Steve Schanzer focus collaboration and security. Use CVW to test the water. Refer to Dan Woycke efforts on security. Problems with collaboration and security cut across envirnments.


--Jim--Trying to identify tools and network needed for complex data manipulation efforts. Q64 group has just been formed to help address--Database & Media Access(Collaboration and Visualization Technologies)

--Mike M. explained some of the problems including issues with multicast on higher speed networks like ATM & FDDI

--Working toward NSA & CIA collaboration for a pilot project. Three groups working toward mutli-Agency collaboration

--Melissa Ord volunteered to host July CCTWG and Kim asked Mike to also present so that CCTWG would get overview of range of NSA activities

--New group (Q64) tasked with IMINT--SIGINT project

MITRE Policy net--No collaborative component but will be consumer of whatever is used. Kim explained Bill Lasky's efforts and will provide contact info.

NRaD Peter Donich, can we use collaboration tools to help him not travel. Working group said not yet and probably not for large meetings but would like to use tool like CVW for smaller sidebar meetings. This would also help achieve goal of assessing effectiveness of tools for these types of projects

NEL Kim, --see slides

--Highlights--NEL has installed CVW software (no audio/video) on 3 workstations, working proposal for Video Collaboration Technology Center with JIVA, completing analysis on Sun-based collaboration products, installing comms lines between NPIC and USGS for pilot project, and installing hardware and comms for collaborative tools testbed

Security - Firewalls, Protocols and COIs

Enjoy Dan's presentation.

Virtual Station Presentation

Will provide slides when available.

Future Meetings:

The 23 May at ONI JDISS 9-12 meeting will focus on network communications and the 27 June 9-3p @MITRE meeting will focus on human factors and organizational issues. July @NSA.

Other meetings of interest:

8-14 June--Intelink Mission Support Conference

18-20 June--Intelink Industry Days, State Dept. Washington

Meeting Attendees:

JDISS: Jeff Handy, Dave Bishop

MITRE: Steve Brown, Dan Woycke, Larry B.

CIA: Doug Dickey, DO reps

NPIC/NEL: Kim Walls, Otto Miller, Mike Schmidt, Gene Suidikas

NRaD: Peter Donich

NSA: Jim, Frank C.

DIA: Mary Ann Cline