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Meeting minutes for March 22, 1996

Kim opened the meeting at 0835 hours and welcomed the attendees. Kim reviewed the agenda and asked attendees to introduce themselves.

Standards/Interoperability Conference

Kim spoke to the agenda of industry morning speakers and vendor afternoon speakers. Our Internet address is URL: http://www.dtic.mil/ieb_cctwg/. The server has not been updated but will be soon! ANYONE that needs invitations for the conference, please contact Bonnie Blades (703-883-7060) or Otto Miller (202-863-3121). A suggestion to include NCSA or other education or research groups to attend. Denny reminded everyone that the focus is the standards and interoperablity and how commercial vendors are migrating to them. A reminder that the Intelink Industry Days are 18-20 June 1996 at the Department of State.

Future Meetings:

The April meeting was moved to 26 April and will focus on security (9-12). The 23 May at ONI JDISS meeting will focus on network communications and the 27 June meeting will focus on human factors and organizational issues.

Organizational Updates:

NEL--work continues on previous projects, especially Virtual Lab participation in Exploitation Technology Symposium, installation of Collaborative Tools Testbed, and Technical Assessment of collaborative products. Also met with a Steve Schanzer rep who is conducting a study on the impact of information management tools and collaboration. The CIO/Pathfinder activity has decided to use the MCM/JDISS tool.

Discussion on CVW--so far it is implemented at AIA, SPACECOM, ISS, CIA/NPC, EUCOM, and DIA

AIA--developing a new way doing business--three activities

1. Collaborative Information Warfare Center--copyright information internally

2. SIS--tactical JDISS--use CVW as chat line to provide support

3. Virtual Intel Center--forward deployed to AOI with comms back to national

JIVA Discussion:

JIVA Discussion (follow-on items from JIVA conference that have impact on CCTWG and members' collaborative computing activities):

--Discussion on networking issues continued.

--Paul Muench asked if anyone had identified any collaboration threads at Interop '96.

--Denny does not want competition between CVW and MCM. We need to integrate multiple tools, if possible.

--Denny talked to minimum browser requirements letter from the ISS. Denny asked for

help in feeding it to all vendors.

--JDISS has too many requirements to handle at this time to integrate into MCM, but will get Kim the current ones as a basis for CCTWG requirements. The MCM requirements will be posted on this home page as soon as received from ONI.

--Organizational issues were discussed. Product ownership was a concern too. AIA is taking the copyright approach (see above), credit quotes, but AIA does publications.

--In several cases, by accident, collaborative pilot programs have found that these tools are great for help desk, troubleshooting and maintenance.

--Virtual Intelligence Center (VIC) was recommended. One suggestion was that we observe the users and see what happens.

--Discussion ensued to make the CCTWG spiral process start as a requirements driven process, and start with JDISS.

--A suggestion was made to make CCTWG look at DoD and beltway, however, it changes CCTWG focus and goes far beyond its charter. CCTWG will solicit for GCCS and C4I representation.

--A caution was made to watch classification on joint products produced using collaborative tools. Printing HTML documents is a problem, please include PDF and/or native word processing formats to printing easier.

Action Items:

Otto: Check on change request for JDISS multicast kernel.

Jeff Heida: Provide Kim with MCM requirements.

Brad Davis: will address issues for organizations @ June meeting.

Otto and Kim: CVW implementation, and how to start collaborative virtual laboratory, starting with the current Centers of Excellence.

Denny: Solicit Gen. Hughes vision for IEB/CCTWG.

Paul: to track down Interop contact.

SPACECOM Demonstration:

Scott Miner introduced the Combined Intellegence Center (CIC). It started in 1991. Scott, Brad and Bob briefed and demonstrated some of the things SPACECOM has

done. In the collaboration area they have three initiatives:

1. Proliferation Assistance--deploy CVW-capable workstations in key components to use to assist analysis and dissemination

2. Operations Assistance--online assistance with CVW, also trying to interface CVW with other applications such as video and shared applications

3. Performance Evaluation--get customer feedback on tool, perform technical monitoring, and develop human-computer interface criteria

Kim closed the meeting at 1200 hours.

Meeting Attendees:

Aerospace: Bob Newton

AIA: Pete Gerdeman

CMS: Denny Eshoo, Ralph Steiniger

DISA: Capt Scott Lewis

DMA: Paul Muench

JDISS: Jeff Handy

MITRE: Bonnie Blades,

NPC: Donna Campbell

NPIC/NEL: Kim Walls, Otto Miller

NRaD: Peter Donich

SOUTHCOM: John Decker

SPACECOM: Scott Miner, Brad Davis, Bob Ryan