Collaborative Computing Tools Working Group

[Note: In an effort to make briefing charts available, we are testing and configuring software to assist us in this effort. PLEASE provide us any constructive comments you have regarding the charts. Thank you.]

Meeting minutes for February 15, 1996

Kim opened the meeting at 0906 hours and welcomed the attendees. Kim reviewed the agenda and asked attendees to introduce themselves.

Standards/Interoperability Conference

Kim passed out invitations. She spoke to the agenda of industry morning speakers and vendor afternoon speakers. DTIC's internet CCTWG web page will be up next week, URL: http://www.dtic.mil/ieb_cctwg/. ANYONE that needs invitations for the conference, please contact Bonnie Blades (703-883-7060) or Otto Miller (202-863-3121).

Organization Updates

DIA - Cpt. Mettera.get charts register for the conference via JIVA HomePage or USSPACECOM HomePage.

NPIC - Kim Walls--see charts To convert PowerPoint charts for Intelink, Shel Sutton suggested trying PPT to RTF to HTML, however the PPT to RTF is only available in Powerpoint 7 (Win'95 & NT). A discussion of several months future topics followed.

MITRE - Steve Brown is supporting some RealAudio experiments. Dan Woycke & Mike Joyce are supporting issues in Collaboration vs Security for Intelink. There are both policy and technical obstacles. Shel Sutton, MITRE's OMG representative, is helping apply pressure to vendors to make conventional products CORBA compliant. He is also looking at commercial multimedia object tools for production. Glen Nakamoto is working on a speech input front end with CMU for CVW. A speach output for CVW users is also being investivated. Glen is also supporting work on enhanced performance image archive/library repositories. He is assisting in including MATE (NITF viewer) for CVW. Work progresses on making MATE a collaboration tool itself. Glen is supporting work for a multi- source/INT repository to integrate (layer) with a GIS. Work would be captured with separate layers into an object that could be dropped in a CVW room. They hope to make this capability available for MATE too. He may have demo by May or June. The object capture is to support an exercise in summer of 1997.

PolicyNet - Bill Laskey is working a low bandwidth (64-128kbps) pilot for collaboration between collection and consumer. PolicyNet developers received requests to install bridges to enable VTCs between PolicyNet workstations and JWICS sites. A solution was proposed but deemed unacceptable. PolicyNet is still moving toward complete H320/H323 compliance. Global Visions Group is a consortium of analysts piloting technologies to enable rapid collaboration between producers. Limited bandwidth and world-wide locations provide several challenges. Bill's directorate is preparing to test desktop collaboration technology to streamline their daily business process. The directorate is evaluating resource requirements to enhance their infrastructure to support collaboration.

NRaD - Peter Donich is supporting NSA and NRaD for network modeling. He commented that to them low bandwidth can mean 2.4kbps.

NSA - Mike Mlynarczyk is potentially supporting some new collaboration pilot projects. He and his team provide crisis team support. They have been working with ATM technology and related ATM standards for 3years. He is their NITF technical board representative. He is supporting several other inter-INT projects including Virtual Lab.

NPC - John Diehl has been very busy with a Sparc roll out. He is working some real-time audio and video experiments with USSPACECOM. He is conducting some tests at 128Kbps for collaborative tools. The Nonproliferation Center is using CVW.


Peter Spellman gave a briefing and demo. Get slides from Peter.

Future Meetings:

Kim, proposed March meeting 22 March at USSPACECOM following the JIVA conference. It will be held at Peterson AFB, Building 920, Combined Intelligence Center from 8:00 am - noon. The agenda will include briefings and demos on SPACECOM's virtual production project. The Intelink JIVA home page (http://www.dia.ic.gov/proj/JIVA/JIVA-hp.html) points to the JIVA JPMO conference page for maps, hotels and other information. Technical POC at SPACECOM is Scott Miner, 719/554-8658. Clearances should be sent to SSO USCINCSPACE.

The April meeting was moved to 26 April and will focus on security. The 23 May meeting will focus on network communications and the 27 June meeting will focus on human factors and organizational issues.

Meeting Attendees:

DIA: Capt. Joe Mattera

MITRE: Bonnie Blades, Steve Brown, Glen Nakamoto, Dan Woycke, Mike Joyce, Shel Sutton

NPC: John Diehl

NPIC/NEL: Kim Walls, Otto Miller, Gene Suidikas, Mike Schmidt

NRaD: Peter Donich

NSA: Mike Mlynarczyk, Joe Buttrum, David Langlois

CIA/DI: Bill Laskey