[Note: There were several briefings given from Powerpoint presentations. Currently we do not have sufficient labor to convert these to GIF/JPEG. Mike Schmidt (NPIC/NEL) is attempting to build (from the Internet) a Postscript to GIF/JPEG converter. As soon as we find a less labor intensive process to convert the slides, they will be available on the web.]

Meeting minutes for January 25, 1996

Kim opened the meeting at 0907 hours and welcomed the attendees. She the reviewed the agenda. Kim asked attendees to introduce themselves.

Review Charter, TOR and Action Plan

No changes at this time

Standards/Interoperability Conference

--Otto discussed the new date: April 18, 1996, MITRE Hayes Conference Center, 7:45-4:00

--Name of conference changed to focus more on interoperability, not just standards at the suggestion of the IEB: Desktop Collaboration Technology and Interoperability Conference and Exposition

--Sponsors: CCTWG and ISS

--Working in partnership with National Small Business Council (NSBC) which is a non-profit organization that assists in organizaing conferences. NSBC will handle some of the advertising, registration, vendor exhibits, and speakers

--The invitations and agenda will be out by 9 February in various places--Intelink, handed out as conferences, etc. Solicited for ideas on how to get to audience.

CVW Status

Show chart. DIA is starting to spin up CVW, for virtual production from CPT. Materra. JIDSS PMO needed for JDISS update to kernel. NEL has talked with CIO about funding a CVW activity on Intelink hooking up imagery exploitation organizations into the SPACECOM activity. NEL will be talking with SPACECOM about getting server access for CVW. NEL currently configuring 3 Sparc 2's for CVW.

Organization Updates

JIVA - CPT. Joseph Materra, presented JIVA brief. (slides available upon request). JIVA program Office in DIA now has home page: http://www.dia.ic.gov/proj/JIVA-hp.html (Intelink) Tom Ferguson is the Program Manger. Why JIVA? Posture for 21st Century. Need tools suite to support effort. Analytical , collaboration, community and partners. Timeline and de-conflict with other programs. JIVA Conference scheduled for 18-22 Mar. 96 @SPACECOM. Lt. General Minihan interview by Jane's Defense Weekly Pub 17 Jan 96 mentions JIVA. Question by Brown, MITRE, Tech Lab and Showcase wants to work with other labs and try virtual lab and production centers.

CVW - Glen Nakamoto of MITRE. Deploying CVW to DoD health care organizations. ~20 Systems using Internet, but Health Affairs has internal net. About half sites are installed. Looking toward real doctor-to-doctor communication. not just admin. uses as it is now. O&M going to contractor at Health Affairs. vendors, PictureTel for room based. I/F for packet switched and circuit switched systems. Want CVW to interface to PictureTel. Health industry want high quality image transmission and video for remote diagnostics. Potential demo of CVW at MITRE next WG meeting 15 Feb 96. CVW supports palmtop to high end W/S based on communications availability

CIA/OWTP - Doug Dickey. Developing a handbook for technical analysts and they are looking for ways to disseminate and coordinate differences in studies.

NSA - Mike Davis. A9 Office of Global Issues in Central Asia. Want to collaborate for NSC. Try and see what happens. For Analysts. Will change environment. Would like just two agencies to use for a pilot project. CIA TSTI is the test office. Not sure how comms works... He is an analyst. Intra- agency collaboration is needed too!

DISA - Danny Chung Network SVTS. 14 sites served, several have Intelink . Want connect to internal TS/SCI network. DoD VTC up to Secret and SVTS from Unclass to TS/SCI. Want interoperability with JWICS and other global nets. Denny asked Bonnie about Brian E. of NSA X Group for CVW security overlay.

MITRE - Bonnie Blades, supporting ISS. Regarding firewall, spoke to Brian, found that firewalls preclude collaboration or need special proxies. Will ask Brian to talk at next CCTWG. Bonnie mentioned that we need to identify ways to change business process not just use collaboration to do business the way we currently do business. Denny mentioned that the SPACECOM virtual production center is doing that! Steve USISARR con-ops has some collaboration words in it.

NPIC - Kim Walls--see charts

Future Meetings:

--15 Feb next CCTWG

--Will talk with SPACECOM regarding hosting March meeting and trying to schedule around JIVA conference

Virtual Lab - Lessons Learned

Virtual Lab - Kathy Lane/CIO. Get slides Lessons learned. Action Jim Flannery (CTI) get softcopy

Kathy discussed establishing the Virtual Lab which is a collaborative imagery R&D network sponsored by the CIO and connects NPIC/NEL, Army's Topographic Engineering Center, Navy's NRaD, and the Air Force's Rome Labs. A Cooperative Research and Development Agreement with AT&T provides a dedicated T-1 network, and ISS provides the switches. PSVC software used for collaboration.

+ Things that worked well:

--Participants buy-in

--Common goal with hard date

--Single vendor solution for IOC

--Pre-config ATM switches

--Administration (POC phone list, Clearances passed)

--Success in connectivity,

--Collaborative software used to troubleshoot network and sites.

Lessons Learned--Project Level

--Collab raises approval level

--Assign a single tech manager for install issues

--Establish a backup POC for each Tech area(H/W Comm,O/S,Tool)

--Dedicate site personnel for install

--System Administration is critical (yields site consistency & backup/restore)

--Need tech manager

Lessons Learned--Pre-IOC:

--Need checklist for installation, testing, Security

--Establish a single site POC for install, provide S/W and manuals, ensure site config

--Centralize network administration

--Prepare installation kit (hw,sw,test plan)

--Conduct KG training

--Maintain technical consistency [common distribution media, W/S config, single sys admin.(disk, mem, directories), gold software/doc for each facility, burn-in test prior to install, compatibility issues (beta s/w and h/w)]

--Establish configuration process, obtain proper IP addresses

--IOC essentials [Net performance and monitoring tools, dedicate comm test equipment, dedicated test engineer, W/S e-mail], have defined standard approved by all participants


Collab tools are new, tool parameters greatly influence a successful session, order for connection influences performance, protocols need to be established for voice communication, all participants need to establish the session using the same parameters, other W/S activities (menu picks etc.) could impact performance, provide a list of DO's and DON'T's for each site (what crashes the system, initialization parameters to use, who runs session, how to filter background noise, how to release voice token)


Configuration control, dedicate resources (hw,sw,people,facility space), tech insertion point, HighEX demand collaboration projects, high visibility demonstration, Expansion (more nodes, connection to operational networks [JWID96]),

Action MITRE Peter/Esther how is collab improved productivity?(are there any commercial or academic information on this?) Papers and other stuff.(Jim Flannery CTI broadcast video was one benefit)


Afternoon (see slides)

NEL Overview

EXCITE Briefing

Collaborative Tools Technical Assessment

Collaborative Testbed





Meeting Attendees:

CIA: CMS--Denny Eshoo, OWTP--Doug

DIA: Capt. Joe Mattera

DISA: Danny Chung

MITRE: Bonnie Blades, Steve Brown, Glen Nakamoto

NPIC/NEL: Kim Walls, Otto Miller, Jim Spitznas, Gene Suidikas, Mike Schmidt, Denise Haskins

NSA: Mike Davis, Ted K

Proposed Agenda for Next Meeting

February 18, MITRE Hayes, ICEL Conference Room


--Update on Conference

--Organizational Updates

--CVW Demo

--Intelink Security and Firewalls