Collaborative Computing Tools Working Group

Meeting Minutes for December 7, 1995

Kim welcomed everyone and reviewed agenda

The draft charter was reviewed. No comments were expressed on the draft. Kim reminded everyone that the charter is a living document, so it can change as necessary.

Action Plan Review

The first topic of discussion was the survey the NEL would like to conduct. Kim expressed that there was still a need to collect and disseminate what various IC organizations are doing regarding collaboration problems, solutions and evaluations. Otto agreed that the NEL would publish the data collected. For data collected on seperate networks a consolidated result would be published too. There were requests to put the survey on Intelink, Intelink-S, Intelink-P and internet. Otto agreed to solicit help from other CCTWG members to do that since the NEL only has Intelink. A question was raised where links to the CCTWG Home Page existed. The consensus was currently from the NPIC Announcements page, a SPACECOM page and from the IEB Home Page. Otto will check, and see if we can get more links from appropriate pages.

Denny would like a collaboration tool in the spiral process. CVW is proposed. NEL does not have it yet. Mitre will help. Bonnie said Steve Shanzer has two priorities for FY'96--collaboration and security. Steve feels that collaboration will change the whole process.

Action Otto to get Roy's POC @JWICS for monitoring and control.

Frank commented on problems of rotating meeting sites. Kim cited benefits of different site meetings to promote technical exchange. She suggested that we alternate meetings between Mitre and host organizations and see what turnout and logistics issues arise. If there are major problems we can revert back to all meetings at Mitre.

Kim addressed the new NEL collaboration testbed using standards compliance and interoperability testing as part of the evaluation process. This testbed will support ongoing testing, and we welcome community participation.

Charles King suggested Dr. Baker of PictureTel be invited to speak at the standards conference. Charles heard Dr. Baker brief the Brookings Institute. Charles suggested that if Dr. Baker could not attend in person, we could set up a VTC with him.

Bonnie offered the NEL see the CCT at the Reston office and tie it into conference.

Bonnie suggested on the survey, to ask and see who has technology to insert into spiral process. CVW concerns are, no shared applications and does it handle image size and quality. Need value added. It was agreed to reword the last objective in action plan.

SPACECOM encouraged the group to look at solutions that will scale outside the beltway.

Kim agreed to modify action plan based on discussion.

Terms of Reference (TOR) Review

Action Bob Ryan to modify Scope statement for TOR.

Standards Conference Discussion

Action Otto to research (internet) mail lists (and related locations) to publish our call for contributors for standards conference.

Discussion about focus and audience for conference. The group agreed the conference be moved to March 1996. It was agreed the audience is government and supporting contractors for intelligence production. It was recommended to get the list from the Webmasters conference from Larry Brandt. It is possible that the old CCIP list might be useful too.

Action Bonnie get Otto L. Brandt numbers etc.

Kim agreed to rework the conference announcement based on the discussion.

Organizational Updates

Scott Miner from USSPACECOM briefed the WG. Collaborative production is their focus. Not all centers have the same security enforcement for video and audio. They are using CVW. Their configuration is 9 client workstation Sparc-20s, and one Sparc-20 server. Partial client services are available via JWICS. DIA, AIA, NAIC, USCENTCOM, ISS are key players, but not integrated yet. Video is important, but linking sources of data is important too. Many projects are needed, other missions. Lessons learned and some raw data from HP Openview were presented too. Scott then presented the floor layouts for the initial virtual production center.

Action Otto check on 'xv' v4.x

Charles King: Supplied the WG with study/position papers generated for his customer. The papers (in softcopy) will be available here soon.

Jim Spitznas briefed the WG on EXCITE program events since the last WG meeting. [Editors Note: I will publish Jim's briefing charts as soon as possible. It is very time consuming, however, I may have a lead on an easier process.]

Action Otto fix (remove) secret label on CCTWG minutes!

Kim presented the January 25, 1996 WG agenda and the next six months of WG meeting dates. The February meeting was moved from the fourth Thursday to the third Thusday, now 15 Feb 96 to accommodate the IEB schedule.