Collaborative Computing Tools Working Group

Meeting Minutes for 25 October 1995

  • Kim Walls NPIC/NEL opened the CCTWG and immediately turned the floor over to Roy Rumsey.

  • Roy Rumsey informed the working group (WG) that he was transitioning to a new job as with the NPIC softcopy workstation development team and is turning over the Chair of the CCTWG to Kim Walls. Roy then introduced Kim Walls. Roy also introduced some of Kim's co-workers on the collaborative computing team in the NEL (Otto Miller, Mike Schmidt, Jim Spitznas & Gene Suidikas) that would be supporting some of the WG activities.

  • Kim reviewed the agenda.

  • Kim asked participants of the WG to review the WG charter for review at the next WG meeting. Kim asked for input to a mission statement (goal oriented). Denny Eshoo asked Kim to draft her ideas and a terms of reference (TOR) before the next WG meeting. Denny asked that it all be published before the next meeting, so participants could review and be prepared to discuss at the next WG meeting. Kim will also draft an action plan for the members to review prior to the next meeting.

  • A brief discussion of CVW was conducted but a more detailed discussion will be held at the next meeting when we talk about how to use CVW to support a CCTWG meeting online.

  • Organizational Updates-
  • Time was up, so Kim asked for any wrap-up information and then she would close the meeting. CVW discussion was deferred. Bonnie quickly updated VCWG activities; a preliminary recommendation report will go to Migration panel next week. The Executive Agent is TBD. Denny Eshoo recommended that Kim add Bob Ryan (SPACECOM) on each agenda. Bonnie announced a 6 Nov. 95 TEM for IC profile.

  • The next meeting will be 7 December, 9:00-12:00, Mitre Washington. Items to be discussed included review of mission, terms of reference, and action plan; standards; CVW and CCTWG meeting being held on line; and organizational updates.

  • Kim Walls closed the CCTWG at 12:20 p.m.

    1 November 1995