22 November 1995

Terms of Reference

Collaborative Computing Tools Working Group


Following a Joint Review in July 1994, the DEPSECDEF and DCI declared on 11 August 1994 that Intelink is the strategic direction for U.S. intelligence dissemination. This decree served to validate the Intelink Architecture Framework prescribed for Intelink contained in the Intelligence Systems Secretariat Architecture Panel Report, dated 14 June 1994. The Intelink Architecture Framework functional description places emphasis on the need for collaboration tools. The Intelink Engineering Board (IEB) is charged with maintaining the technical health of Intelink and to facilitate the introduction of tools, products, and services that contribute to the attainment of the Intelink vision. To that end, the IEB is empowered to form working groups made up of experts from the community to achieve these ends.


The Collaborative Computing Tools Working Group (CCTWG) will be the focal point for collaborative computing within the Intelink Community. The CCTWG will:

The CCTWG scope is limited to the identification, introduction, evaluation, testing, and documenting the technology-based collaborative computing tools. However, sources of such tools is not limited and may be identified from Commercial off the Shelf (COTS), Internet Shareware, Internet Freeware, or Government off the Shelf (GOTS) sources.

The scope of suitability of collaborative computing tools shall be targeted to the Intelink and Intelink-S customer base and be conducted in accordance with the Intelink Spiral Process.


The Intelink Spiral Process is the preferred method for early introduction of new tools, services, and capabilities on Intelink. It is also the process for product evaluation, customer feedback, testing, and product improvement. In addition, tools identified as being best suited for Intelink operations shall be presented as candidates for incorporation into the Intelink Standards Profile.


The CCTWG shall deliver the following products and services:

The executive oversight of the CCTWG Working Group will be provided by the Intelink Engineering Board. The IEB will make implementation and execution decisions with regard to the CCTWG Working Group output.

Membership to the CCTWG Working Group is open to Intelligence Systems Board (ISB) government members and their representatives, either government or contractor. Membership from organizations outside the Metropolitan Washington D.C. area, e.g., NAIC, is encouraged. The Intelink Support Management Center (ISMC) will name a representative to the working group. The Chairperson, CCTWG Working Group is Ms. Kim Walls, CIA.

The Chairman, CCTWG Working Group shall report the status of activity at all IEB meetings. Extraordinary events deemed appropriate for reporting prior to an IEB meeting shall be reported to the Chairman, IEB.

The CCTWG Working Group shall meet at the call of the Chairman, but will meet no less than monthly. Once a product is identified and installed, CCTWG meetings may be held on line.

Products of the CCTWG will be staged on the ISMC-controlled servers for Intelink and Intelink-S as well as Lotus Notes for CIA consumers.

22 November 1995