Collaboration Working Group Summer '97 Tasks

Over the summer, we have some potential work areas that we would like
community participation.  Please let us know your interests and comments.

1)  Technical input to the IPRG--Intelligence Program Review Group.  Each
summer, the IPRG identifies three topics of critical interest to the intel
and DoD communities.  The DCI and DepSecDef select the topics and
commission summer study teams.  Tom Ferguson, formerly of JIVA, will head
up the collaboration issue team and Bob Johns, formerly of Intelink, will
be his deputy.  Major agencies will have primary reps and then other
experts as designated will be tasked.  Kim Walls, chair CWG, has been asked
to head up a technical panel, duties still TBD.  In the meantime, a few CWG
members have put together an initial draft of major technical challenges
that need to be addressed to implement collaborative tools effectively.
That draft will be coming out within a week for your comments and review.

2)  We would like to have a CWG meeting on line.  Based on input at past
CWG meeting, we have identified these requirements:
--held an unclassified level (even if on a classified network)
--interactive data clients for at least 5 participants
--browser access for remainder of participants
--interactive audio for all participants
--meeting NLT 1 August 1997

Communications options:
--network:  internet, SIPRNet, JWICS
--firewall issues
--audio via black line phones

Application options:
--Netscape Communicator 4.0
--?? Other Suggestions

Yet to do
--Investigate options other than DataBeam

If anyone is interested in participating, investigating other technical
options, please let us know.

3)  Over the past two years, there has been much discussion about the need
for a resource database of all collaborative activities in the intel and
DoD communities to leverage projects, trade lessons learned, eliminate
redundancy.  Is there interest in helping put this together?  If so, we
need to determine:
--database home
--which networks
--links from:  JIVA home page, CWG web site, ???

4)  Collaboration Conference in 1998?  Is there interest?  Any offers to
help put it together?

Thanks for your input.  Please contact Kim Walls or Otto Miller.