Desktop Collaboration Technology & Interoperability Conference

(18 April 1996)

Co-sponsored by the CCTWG &

Thank You...
to all of the organizations and individuals who have prepared for this conference! Significant contributors include: We know there are hundreds, if not thousands, of individuals within each of these organizations, and other support organizations, that have contributed to making this a huge SUCCESS. Everyone, please accept a genuine "Thank You!" from us!

You are invited to browse the briefing slides (where available) from the agenda, in an attempt to provide you with a flavor of the day. Or you may select the briefing of your choice from the following list.

Plan for 16-17 April 1997

Please mark your calendars for 16-17 April 1997! Thanks to YOU, this year was such a success we are planning for next year. If you have any topics you feel need attention, please contact us.
You may also want to visit our contributed documents.

08 July 1996