National Small Business Council, Inc.

A Non-Profit Organization Promoting Small Business

6440-E Dobbin Road
Columbia, MD
Voice 301-596-0770
Fax 301-596-4619

The NSBC is a non-profit membership organization. The NSBC offers many services to member businesses and government agencies. The most notable for this document is the NSBC plans, produces, and coordinates conferences and expo's for the government. For more information on having NSBC help you produce a conference please contact NSBC directly! For additional information about membership and member services contact them at the numbers above or (currently under construction) NSBC on the Web.

I would like to extend a personal "Thank You" to the following individuals at the NSBC. John Skipper, Executive Vice President, for supporting a virtually unheard of CCTWG. Jill Merriman, Vice President of Operations for overseeing this production and making us feel as though we were the only task she had. Marla Slahetka for answering my stupid questions and attending to the details.

15 April 1996