Collaboration Working Group


Next Meeting

There has been yet another change in plan. The next meeting of the CWG will NOT be at SSDS in Fairfax, VA; as previously announced. The next meeting of the CWG will be 26 June 1997 from 9am to Noon at MITRE McLean, VA (locator map, MS Word, Adobe PDF). The meeting will be broken into two segments. The first will be the regular meeting in the MITRE Washington building (7798 Old Springhouse Road) from 9am - 11am in room 633 (the sixth floor conference room). The second segment will be in the Wilson Building (across the parking lot from Washington building) from 11am - Noon in room 1B02 (the CITS Demo Facility). We will be observing an MATE demo. MATE is a shared electronic whiteboard w/authoring capabilities for NITF. It also supports video and NIMA map products. The MITRE POC for this demo is Bill Dowling (wad@mitre.org) commercial voice +1-617-271-7083.

A draft (for comment) of some ideas for summer '97 CWG activities.

There will be alot of catching up to do since our last meeting had few participants. Please collect you thoughts on Programs and POCs for our resource page and bring them to the meeting. If you cannot attend, please e-mail ideas to Otto. If you have any other agenda topics to offer, please e-mail Kim.

2nd Annual Desktop Collaboration Conference and Exposition

A crude page of briefs is up now! The conference & exposition was a HUGE success! Thank you to all that contributed or attended. Any constructive criticisim please e-mail Otto. 
Your comments and feedback are welcome.

18 June 1997