Joint Experimentation
    • An experiment tests an idea, process, or technology through a scientific method of hypothesizing, testing the hypothesis, collecting data, and analyzing results with controlled conditions to substantiate and qualify the cause of an effect.  Joint experimentation is the application of scientific experimentation procedures to assess the effectiveness of proposed (hypothesized) joint warfighting concept elements to ascertain whether the elements of a joint concept cause changes in military effectiveness. 

    • A refined CCJO and its associated family of concepts and improved joint warfighting capabilities are the main outputs of joint warfighting experimentation.  These concepts, along with their description of future capabilities, help achieve the desired outcome of transformation - a fundamentally joint, network-centric distributed force capable of acquiring, refining, and sharing knowledge; establishing, expanding, and securing reach; and identifying, creating, and exploiting effects to dominate any adversary or control any situation.

    • As the Executive Agent for Joint Concept Development and Experimentation (Joint CDE),  USJFCOM maintains a focus on both near and long term challenges through the use of a  two-path Joint CDE strategy:  Joint Prototype Path and Joint Concepts Path.  Together, these two paths provide insight for improvements and changes to existing joint concepts.  They produce new concepts for future or emerging challenges, and prototype joint capabilities that provide an immediate solution to a problem the joint warfigher. The two-path approach provides a common joint context to support the co-evolution of joint and service concepts and capabilities. These initiatives, developed through community synchronization and coordination, are vital to the development of solutions to the Transformational Issues that face DoD.

    • USJFCOM provides a variety of venues for joint concept authors, combatant commands, and other members of the joint experimentation community  to conduct, sponsor, co-sponsor, observe, or participate in joint experiments.   More information about USJFCOM, joint experimentation, and current joint experimentation initiatives can be found in the attached Joint CDE Campaign Plan and the USJFCOM Knowledge Management Portal. (Password required).


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