Types of Submissions

This page contains information about submitting Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR)/Small Business Technology Transfer(STTR) final reports to DTIC.

"SBIR/STTR Preparation and Submission to DTIC [PDF]" is a tutorial for preparing a document cover page and the SF-298, Report Documentation Page, for SBIR/STTR final reports. Instructions covered include the distribution statement format, SBIR Data Rights, Export Control concerns, and other document markings, as well as detailed instruction for completing the SF-298.

"SBIR/STTR FACT SHEET - Prepare & Submit SBIR/STTR Reports to DTIC [PDF]" is a summary of the above tutorial.

To submit reports electronically, go to our Submit home page.

If you have any questions regarding this information and/or require any additional assistance, please contact our Information Collection Division staff at dtic.belvoir.ecm.mbx.acquisitions@mail.mil or call 703-767-9011.

DTIC strives to process document submissions with the highest quality output possible. To facilitate this for PDF document submissions, DTIC recommends adherence to the following guidelines. Failure to meet these submission guidelines will result in a lower quality product, and in some cases could prevent a document from being processed altogether.

  • DTIC prefers PDF/A. PDF/A ensures that your documents can be reproduced the exact same way in years to come by embedding in the file all the information necessary for displaying the document. However, DTIC will accept all other versions of PDF.
  • Do not encrypt or add security layers to documents.
  • Where possible, please orient pages to portrait rather than landscape settings.
  • All files must be self-contained. All figures and tables should be in the same file as the text of the paper. Do not add other attachments to document files.
  • Documents that contain embedded files (other than fonts) should not be submitted as electronic documents. They will be processed as Nonprint/Multimedia documents. For information on submitting Nonprint/Multimedia documents, please contact the Nonprint Program Manager, (703) 767-8040 or DSN: 427-8040, or via e-mail at dtic.belvoir.ecm.mbx.acquisitions@mail.mil.
  • DTIC can no longer accept the following file types via email: password protected, zipped or compressed files, file with the extensions: *.vbs, *.cmd, *.exe, *.bat, *.com, *.mp3, *.eml and *.dll.
Font Settings

One of the most common problems with PDF files submitted to DTIC is font readability. PDF documents rely on access to fonts that are either resident on a reader's computer or are embedded in the PDF document itself. For dissemination purposes, embedded fonts are preferred because DTIC has no way of knowing which fonts are available to the reader. Please use Adobe Acrobat Reader to review the fonts contained in your PDF. To do this, choose "Document Properties/Fonts" from the "File" menu. Choose "List all fonts" to see all fonts that Adobe may need to print the document.

  • For readability and archival purposes, please use 10 point font or larger for the body text of a document.
  • Fonts should be limited to those used in the paper, and they should be embedded in the PDF file. (Often-times documents contain fonts that the document creator is unaware that they used.)
  • It is best to use western-encoded versions of the fonts Times (Times New Roman), Helvetica (Arial), and Symbol, and the standard distributions of Computer Modern.
  • Please avoid submitting custom or proprietary fonts, including: WPMathA, WPMathB, and WPMultinationalARoman.
  • Font embedding should be a selected setting when using a document distiller.
Native vs. Scanned PDFs
  • Whenever possible, please submit a native PDF rather than a scanned DF.
  • For scanned PDFs, please use a resolution setting of 300 dpi or higher.
  • Documents in languages that do not use a Roman or Cyrillic alphabet must be scanned in as a PDF image file. (Problems can also occur when using special symbols or figures.)

For further information, please contact:
TR Program Manager
(703) 767-8040
DSN 427-8040

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If contributors have PDFs of documents already in the Technical Reports(TR) database (with assigned AD numbers):

    a) that are "better" quality than the current PDF (e.g., a born digital PDF with color graphics versus DTIC's bitonal scanned image version), or

    b) that DTIC does not have in PDF and/or full text posted online

Please email the document(s) to dtic.belvoir.ecm.mbx.ad-replace@mail.mil. The DTIC staff can replace the PDF in our database with yours, or use your PDF instead of creating one by scanning the DTIC microfiche or microfilm.

Note: Send ONLY Approved for Public Release documents to dtic.belvoir.ecm.mbx.ad-replace@mail.mil. Unclassified, limited or classified documents should be submitted on CD or DVD via approved means.

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Additional Submission Options

There are additional options to submit documents to DTIC. For documents that have distribution statements ranging from public releasable through limited distribution you can use these alternative processes. DTIC requests submissions be accompanied with an SF-298 Report Documentation Page [PDF]

1. Multimedia (CD/DVD)

    Defense Technical Information Center
    ATTN: Enterprise Content Management, DTIC-C
    8725 John J. Kingman Rd.
    Ft. Belvoir, VA 22060-6218

2. Documents as email attachments (use for public releasable documents only)

Classified documents should be emailed to TR@dtic.smil.mil or surface mail to DTIC at the above address.

DTIC does not accept the following file types: password protected, zipped or compressed files, file with extensions: *.vbs, *.cmd, *.exe, *.bat, *.com, *.mp3, *.eml and *.dll.

If you have questions or need assistance, email DTIC's Information collection division at dtic.belvoir.ecm.mbx.acquisitions@mail.mil or telephone, 703-767-9039.

Please refer to the appropriate Distribution Limitations, Distribution Statements, Copyright or Security information when submitting documents to DTIC.