Guidance on Submitting Documents to DTIC

The reasons for having a DoD Scientific and Technical Information Program (STIP), are the same today as those stated in the Secretary of Defense Memorandum and Directive [PDF], May 14, 1951, signed by George C. Marshall, Secretary of Defense, when he established the Armed Services Technical Information Agency (ASTIA), now the Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC®).

    "... the end product of all Department of Defense sponsored research and development -- i.e., the recorded conclusions -- costing vast sums of money and irreplaceable scientific effort, must be assembled, organized, preserved, and made available for future reference by those concerned with exploring and guarding the scientific frontiers of the Nation." (Report on the Armed Services Technical Information Agency, 30 June 1957)

The Assistant Secretary of Defense, Research and Engineering, Mary Miller, has signed a memo [PDF], dated January 31, 2017, regarding the necessity to share research and engineering information and results, as well as the key role DTIC plays in this process.

DTIC welcomes the opportunity to assist you in submitting documents. Please contact us with any questions.

Roles and Responsibilities

Various regulations designate DTIC as the federal repository for DoD-funded research. These regulations define DTIC's roles and responsibilities in the report receipt and dissemination process. Contributors also have responsibilities when sending reports to DTIC. These regulations cover the roles and responsibilities:

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