Corporate Source Search

The Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC) maintains a Corporate Source Authority System (CSAS) which lists all organizations that have contributed information to any of DTIC's three major databases: the Technical Reports Bibliographic Database (TR), the Research Summaries Database (RS), and the Independent Research and Development Database (IR&D). Each organization is assigned a 6-digit Source Code. The Source Code is used when searching in these databases for information authored or sponsored by these organizations.

The Technical Reports Corporate Source Search allows you to search for a Corporate Source Code, by entering part of a company or agency name, or for an individual Source Code, by entering the number. Each Corporate Author record displays the root (highest) element of the organization, the parent (next higher) element of the organization, any sub-organizations or former names, and the organization's Source Code. From the Corporate Source results page, you will be able to insert a Source Code into a TR Guided Search.


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